Your Mandatory Face Mask is Dangerous to Your Health

(Thanks to Andrea for the news tip.)

Assorted libs have already admitted the face mask is just “a symbol”–a symbol of subservience, I say–but the evidence says it’s also a hazard to your health. You remember “evidence.” That’s what they used to use before they had computer models.

This is Leigh Dundas, an attorney with experience in such matters, presenting the evidence that says wearing the stupid mask impedes healthy breathing. In fact, it only takes a matter of minutes for you to slide into a state of hypoxia (not enough oxygen), and you may go on from there into severe hypoxia… from which you could die. As some people already have.

Ms. Dundas recommends some costly lawsuits–costly to the defendant, that is–to remedy the problem. They make you wear the mask, they gotta pay if you keel over from hypoxia.

This is very easy to test! Just buy an oximeter, slip it onto your finger while you’ve got the mask on, and watch your oxygen go down, down, down.

FL400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Monitor (Blue) - with CaseYou can order one online. Go ahead: see what happens when you breathe through the mask.

Isn’t it about time we stopped obeying fools?


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  1. Wear it under your nose and dont breathe in through your mouth (breathing out is fine).
    I have to wear one at work, and I regularly have to pull it under my nose or I get light headed and sick feeling.
    I’m so ready for this idiocy to end.

  2. And people are convinced that wearing these masks is the only moral thing to do. I have a couple, because I may be in a situation where they are mandated, but instantly I feel as if I’m suffocating. They are required if you leave your desk, in many places of employment. Fortunately, I work from home and doubly fortunate, the man I report to thinks that this is just as much a collection of bovine excrement as I do.

    I’ll be working remotely nearly 100% of the time until this is lifted.

  3. I’m happy for you, unknowable, that you are able to avoid the mess. My grandson does the same; working from home on his computers and phone. I am greatly relieved. I avoid the stupid masks as much as possible, and that is most of the time.

    1. Now I why why I forget to buy this or that item when I go to the supermarket. As it is, I’m very uncomfortable and have to keep lifting the mask when no one’s looking.

    2. There are two things of which I am convinced. One is, that there is a communicable disease. The second is that the effects of this are greatly exaggerated. It may be political, but what I am seeing around me brings to mind Revelation 17, and how God would put the one thought into the hearts of many, to give their power to the Beast. It sure fits.

  4. Another thing I’ve begun to fear (not just resent) is the “social distancing” mandate that accompanies the masking requirement in churches and store checkout lanes (and sometimes in the more “woke” shopping aisles as well). Each requirement — mask and distancing — effectively isolates people from each other. But they’re both very selective. Leftist “demonstrations” with people packed together? Just fine. Lockdown protests? Even sitting next to each other in church? Eek, you’re endangering people and killing grandma. So ordinary, law-abiding people are kept separated from each other while lawless, destructive thugs are not only allowed to roam in packs but celebrated for doing it.

    As for the masks…. In church yesterday, I was sitting next to (yes, in spite of the six-foot mandate she sat only two feet away from me) a masked woman for the entire Mass, and only when she greeted me by name afterward did I realize I must know her. So I asked her to drop the mask for a moment. And then I saw that this was someone I’d worked with for years on church projects and waved to whenever I saw her in church. I honestly hadn’t been able to tell who she was when she was behind the mask, which covered most of her face. How pitiful this is … and how dangerous.

    I refuse to wear the mask unless I absolutely must do so in order to receive medical help or (heaven help us!) get my hair washed at a salon.

    Meanwhile, restaurants and movie theaters and other recreational facilities remain shut down or severely limited, so the only available social venue or outlet for energy is a “protest.” Tell me this wasn’t planned — i.e., locking up people until they were ready to explode and then giving them a trigger event for the explosion.

    And yes, the politically correct mobs get lionized in the media, while ordinary citizens are told over and over to cower in fear alone in their homes. If smiles were allowed in Hell, then Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Saul Alinsky would be grinning all over their faces.

    1. I don’t believe in fiendishly clever conspiracies that go off without a hitch. What we do have here is Democrats trying to take advantage of a situation that developed from a lot of people doing a lot of wicked or stupid things at the same time.

    1. Well stated. Whether by design, or not, this has turned into a way to demonstrate one’s political correctness. The degree of trust people place in these masks is ridiculous. Frankly, the only thing I am certain of, is that masks lower your blood oxygen and that if everyone has to wear a mask, a lot of masks are being sold.

    2. “Social distancing” — really anti-social rather than social — is a symbol of fear also, fear of each other. We’re being trained to fear and distrust each other.

      One woman commenting another blog said that she and her husband decided not to go back to their church after the mask-and-distancing went into effect, because (as her husband said) they felt they were being treated as “infectious vermin.” I’d add that we’re being asked to treat each other that way as well.

    3. Shocking, how quickly and easily America was whipped into line for this. We’re closer to going off the Venezuela cliff than anybody realizes.

    4. I agree. They are playing with fire. The mask has taken on mythic proportions in the minds of many. Walking against the direction indicated by the arrows on the floor is the new scarlet letter. This is insanity.

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