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This may be, well, is, an unanswerable question: Have any of you out there been unable to connect to this site today? Our computers have been acting really screwy all day, and they’re not connected to each other, they don’t share problems–so could it be the Internet itself is suddenly all pear-shaped? And of course if you can’t connect, you can’t reply to the question.

All the same, maybe some of you have had Internet problems on and off, throughout the day. I wasn’t able to find anything online about there being an outage or sunspots or Black Rodney up to no good.

If you’ve heard or if you know about any widespread Internet prombles today, I’d appreciate hearing about them.

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    1. Lisa, please send me your mailing address. I want to send you a copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever (Bell Mountain No. 12).

  1. No, I haven’t heard of any major problems, but just a few minutes ago, I started to log on, and got the message hmmm, can’t reach this page. Then I tried face book, and got right on. Closed that and I got on here. It is a puzzler.

    1. i get that once in awhile too. I also get an initial ERROR page not found or a warning telling me the site isn’t safe, which I ignore. So I start all over and I get it. Suspiciously, this happens only when i’m reading articles on sites that challenge the false narratives of climate change, the plandemic, BLM, Trump, and other ridiculous claims. Someone, entity, or tech is trying hard to discourage us from reading these things. I wonder who has the power to do this…

  2. No, heard nothing. But what did happen was clicking on an activistpost article and getting a full page WARNING YOUR COMPUTE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED ((or HACKED-I really forgot which-lol) and something about Microsoft. The screen was moving all over the place. I quickly alt-control-deleted, restarted the comp, ran my protection app, and everything went back to normal. The problem is on activistpost’s site, trying to discourage us from using it. I’ll try again tomorrow. I know this doesn’t help your problem but I’ll let you know if I hear anything about it. I’ll ask people in the comment sections about it in the articles I read tomorrow.

    1. Lol. You overrate me. Someone had told me not to hit the off button on the computer, after I had done just that, but to use the control-alt-delete buttons to close it down. I have an anti-virus app that I call my protection app that cleans my comp of minor problems. Restarting the computer is something I always do even when I don’t need to because I don’t always know when I need to. I’m right next to you, my friend. It’s the language that sounds impressive – lol. Yes, you’re right about techs – I thought it might be Google or Facebook because every time I share an article on FB, it shakes the entire page into a small 2″ space, prevents me from scrolling, carries this problem to the next article, and I have to get off the internet and get back on to get rid of it. When Twitter doesn’t like my post it takes me to a page without it and when I try again it tells me I already posted it! This is why I again have a thousand emails, which I had reduced to just 200 after you suggested I do so. But i’m determined to make my “voice”heard – it’s all I have left.

    2. Marlene, your last sentence inspires me. This weekend, I suddenly felt all the fight go out of me because there was just too much I couldn’t control and too much happening to tear down the country, the church, everything. (And I’m on the outer edge of the riots in my city, so some nights have been truly … interesting.) I felt like a collapsed balloon. But you’re right. We still have a voice. And to be able to say “No!” to the evil even to the end — and even in a last whisper as the voice fails — is a victory in itself. God bless you.

    3. Thank you, Phoebe. You inspire me too. I often feel drained and am uplifted by all of you who comment here. You felt drained, but not empty. And you’ve proven you still have some God-given fight in you. God bless you, girl! I love your sentence about the word “No!” I felt it. NO is a powerful word. It’s simple, direct, and has teeth. It’s not always about action; sometimes it’s just about feeling better within yourself while the rest are losing their minds around you. We’re in the end of the age and God said it wouldn’t be easy. I feel sorry for those who don’t “have” Him. No wonder they’re lost. We don’t always have to be in control because we know He IS. We won’t let the b-tards get us down!

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