Normal Service Will Be Resumed–Sorry, Can’t Finish That Sentence

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Well, I just tried to reblog one of SlimJim’s posts on his Domain for Truth blog–you’re going to have to go there without me, if you want to go–and once again the computer sez it’s been successfully reblogged; but what has really happened is that the dirty rotten blankety-blank machine just shot the post into the depths of cyberspace, never to be seen again.

This is not a nice restful sabbath so far.

I wonder if the machine will let me post Oy, Rodney. Probably it’ll let me write it and then make it disappear.

Back to the other %$#$@ and see if we can make it work. Please pray for us.

12 comments on “Normal Service Will Be Resumed–Sorry, Can’t Finish That Sentence

  1. You and Patty are always in my prayers. I hate your computer. It should be sent to CHOP CHAZ and I wish we could buy you a new one. Or at least make the monthly payments for one bought on QVC, which come with lots of extras and monthly payments I hope you don’t want to hear this…because I really mean it. Almost every other site asks for donations – you don’t. But what your computers do to you make me angry. I have no love for the way mine, and the Internet, works – or doesn’t. Although my Dell with Windows 10 works better than any I’ve had before, except for my best Sony Viao PC which was murdered by Microsoft’s death of XP.

    1. I wouldn’t dream of asking for contributions. We should probably buy new computers. The thing that holds me back is my fear that I won’t be able to learn to use Windows 10.

    2. So was I. But when I got it, it turned out to be much easier to use, lots of goodies, and better than the Windows before it. And i’m technologically challenged, so if I cab use it, anyone can. So, if you do get it and have any problems, just ask an 8 year old kid to help you – lol

  2. An old man in the USSR lines up for hours to buy meat, only to find out there’s none left. He flies into a rage, screaming about how horrible and stupid communism is. A KGB agent walks up to him and tells him to calm down, adding “don’t forget what happened to people like you back in the old days” and making a “gun” shape with his hand. The old man goes back to his apartment, empty-handed. His wife says, “They’re out of meat?” He replies, “It’s worse than you think: they’re out of bullets.”

    1. Love that one! 🙂 🙂

      Too bad youngsters today want to devolve us into that system. 🙁

      And by “youngsters” I mean anyone under 60.

    2. Thanks. The bible says the children would turn against us in the end of days. “Anyone under 60”? I beg your pardon young lady – lol.

    3. This is the price we are paying for having allowed our children, for several decades now, to be “taught” by persons who hate our country.

    4. My bad. I liked that the Communists ran out of bullets.. But I guess that hungry, long-oppressed old man didn’t see it that way either…

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