Prayer Request: Mark Rushdoony

Please join me in prayer for Rev. Mark Rushdoony, Chalcedon’s president, who recently injured himself in a fall off a ladder. He’s in considerable pain just now, and needs our prayers.

And we need him! He is a champion in the front ranks of our cause, and we can ill afford to spare him.

O Lord our God! Have mercy on your servant, Mark Rushdoony, and be swift to heal him. Please, Father, he needs your help–and we thank you that he wasn’t hurt worse than he was. Please, Lord, in Jesus’ name, heal your servant. Bless him and protect him. Amen.

5 comments on “Prayer Request: Mark Rushdoony

  1. Amen. The Lord, our healer can act on the prayers of agreement and out of His love for His people.

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