NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’: Illegals Object

NFL protest proves Americans stuck on stupid - San Antonio Express ...

You mean this league hasn’t gone backrupt yet?

The suppurating mass of culture rot that is the National Football League has announced its plan to play “the Black [suddenly it requires a capital B] national anthem” before each and every game when the season opens Sept. 10 ( And other Minorities are already complaining.

“How come they get their own national anthem, and we don’t?” said Jose Antonio Schmo, president of Undocumented Immigrants Waiting for Free Stuff. “What’s so special about blacks? We demand they play our national anthem, too!”

“What? No Gay and Lesbian national anthem?” cried Smarty Marty Zilch, last year’s director of “Bottoms Up.” He was answered by a spokes-whatever from the Transgender Activist Coalition: “If your national anthem gets played, ours gets played, too!

Similar remarks have been made by groups representing Native Americans, fat people, vegans, convicted felons, and the dead. They all want their own national anthems played before the football game.

But the biggest minority group of all has not only not been represented, but hasn’t even asked to be represented, much less demanded it.

“We just do what we’re told,” said an unidentified spokesjellyfish for Spineless Cowardly Americans Inc. “Don’t even bother to tell us what you want–we’ve already surrendered.”

5 comments on “NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’: Illegals Object

  1. We saw this coming when seat belt laws went into effect back in the 80s. I said to some friends, we can kiss freedom goodbye. No one thought I had a point. What I explained was, yes, wearing a seat belt may save lives, and making a commercial to educate makes sense. But as a law, then millions of laws regulating everything in our lives. America was born on the concept of freedom, but also freedom to disagree and face the consequences of one’s own actions, not to be watched cradle to grave, and even after death. You cannot go anywhere without realizing someone’s watching you, from cradle to grave. The freedom has to be found within. Mark our words. Things will become much more intrusive with the coming years. And if we vote progressive/socialist, much faster.

    1. The NFL has chosen sides against America, and deserves to go extinct. But most people don’t have enough self-respect to stop shelling out money to a league that despises them.

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