How to Stymie Robo-Calls

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I’ve just learned something!

We’re getting bombarded with robo-calls today, the same stupid calls we get all the time, every day (“This is an apology call…”, “This is your final notice…”, etc.). It’s pure annoyance for annoyance’s sake: you’re not going to buy their product.

The phone rings again. I answer it. Only instead of saying “Hello,” I say, “This had better be good.” Response: nothing. Silence.

It rings again. This time I say, “Who’s this?” Silence.

A third time. “What’s this, then?” And for the third time, silence.

And then it dawns on me! If you say “Hello,” you engage the robot to go into its spiel. If you don’t say “Hello,” it doesn’t engage.

This way you get the added benefit of a real caller hearing you and responding to your other-than-hello.

That’s how I’m going to answer the phone from now on.

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