LA Residents Defy Mayor’s Fireworks Ban

The Ban Everything movement suffered a setback this Fourth of July weekend–a heartening sign that we’re not yet quite enslaved.

The mayor/philosopher-king banned all fireworks, public and private. But oh, baby, look at the video!

Los Angeles County Residents Ignore “No Fireworks” Order, Celebrate With Massive Display

Thousands and thousands of Los Angeles residents lit up the night sky with their own fireworks and roman candles, prompting at least a thousand police complaints. The mayor had threatened draconian fines to anyone disobeying his commands–and the people said “So what!” instead of “Yes, master.”

All right, private fireworks is not exactly a noble cause–you could blow your fingers off: I used to know someone who had done just that–but resistance to these tinpot tyrants has to start somewhere. They don’t mind at all if we riot and burn down stores and throw rocks at the police; but they’d be bummed out big-time if we started swarming back to our churches.

Our government officials used to be known as public servants. Somehow they became the public’s masters. That error needs to be corrected.

4 comments on “LA Residents Defy Mayor’s Fireworks Ban

  1. And in LA, of all places. What are they gonna do, arrest them all for ‘illegal pyrotechnics’?
    I know that in my city, I’d never seen so much smoke from fireworks before. They really went all out this year. I just wish they would tale the next step, tear off the masks, and declare ‘No more!’

  2. Our mayor canceled the “Mayor Annual Fireworks Show” down by the Arkansas River. So all over our neighborhood people were shooting off rockets that explode in the air! – and shooting off fireworks within the city limits is illegal. So my neighbors, wife, and I watched fireworks together from our front yard.

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