‘Winsome? We’re Supposed to be Winsome? (2015)

Not so much winsome as… creepy

When people who really hate Christianity lecture Christians on how to be Christians, they usually demand that we be winsome. Try using that word in everyday conversation. You’ll get some funny looks.

Winsome? We’re Supposed to be Winsome?

We’re also supposed to let the bad guys do anything they flaming well please to our society, and never, never, never defend it from them.

Not interested! Not winsome, either.

6 comments on “‘Winsome? We’re Supposed to be Winsome? (2015)

  1. That is the biggest mistake we could ever make. Truth… truth only is what we are to be about- NO political correctness. Ever.

  2. I’ve heard people that taught similar things to their acolytes. Go along, don’t stand out, avoid controversy, never take a stand on any political matter. Hitler would have loved such an approach. Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out against what was happening and the Nazis killed him. I’m certain that God took note of that. I’m glad Bonhoeffer wasn’t winsome. He stood up to something horrid, but he’ll be forever remembered for his courage.

  3. “Winsome” is actually used primarily to describe children and young flirtatious women. The word has cutesy-poo connotations. So I suppose Christians are supposed to be infantile, not to be taken seriously.

    A man who hears himself being described as winsome would NOT take it as a compliment.

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