Hello, I Think

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What gives? I just made two posts without my internet connection disappearing on me. This will be three posts, if I finish it.

Verizon promised that sometime this weekend we’d get our internet back, “in 48 hours or less.” The problem’s at their central office, they said.

They didn’t tell me whether things would get better gradually or all at once.

Well, if it’s possible for me to operate this blog today, I’ll do it. I am overjoyed to be with you all again.

I wonder what happened to Joe Collidge…

One comment on “Hello, I Think”

  1. If it’s an upstream problem, it will probably come back all at once.

    Joe got in a conversation with a tree, which turned into an argument. The tree has been winning that argument, and Joe is flustered. Normally, when something like this happens to him, he’ll go sit under a tree, but now he thinks that trees are part of the problem, so that last I heard, he was sitting out in an open field, where there are no trees. He’ll be ok, unless he tries to convince a blade of grass to accept his views, and loses that argument. 🙂

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