July, Alas, July

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This is another one of those perplexing things that’d be worth your weight in gold if you could understand it.

Here at this blog, our internet access became increasingly problematic until finally we had no access at all. Naturally, viewership went down because I wasn’t posting anything.

Now the problem appears to have been fixed (fingers crossed!), my steady readers are still here–but I wonder how to get the casual readers back. The numbers are just awful. It’s all Verizon’s fault.

Among things I’d like to understand: How had my view numbers gotten as high as they were? What brought people here at the rate of almost 390 a day? How in the world can I get back up there?

Ideas, anybody?

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  1. It will happen of itself own, but it will take time.

    I follow some YouTube channels and I’ve observed a pitfall in action, on several occasions. YouTube channels live or die by number of views, so someone with a successful YouTube channel has a strong incentive to bolster viewership. If the viewership is high enough, they can make money from the deal. Unfortunately, many YouTube artists will start posting videos more rapidly, in an attempt to bolster their numbers, and quality suffers. The most successful YouTube channels are the ones that build viewership slowly with consistently high quality videos.

    IMO, that’s the secret to any product, be it a YouTube channel, a blog, or 1/4”x20 nuts with nylon inserts: quality. Yesterday, I hunted down an online vendor I hadn’t used in a couple of years, because I knew that anything I bought from them would be top quality. This fellow built his business shipping electrical/electronic components and related hardware, out of his apartment in Brooklyn. He now employs 8 people and has thriving business, mostly because his quality is excellent. He got $37 of my hard-earned dollars yesterday, which doesn’t sound like much, but I was willing to buy from him and pay $9 shipping (for items which could easily be held in one hand) because I knew that every screw, nut, terminal strip, etc. would be exactly what I wanted. This hardware will go into a reverb unit which may well outlive me, and I don’t want my heirs thinking I was a cheapskate. 🙂

    So, I would suggest that you stay the course and do not attempt to bolster readership with quantity, but instead keep the quality as high as possible. One thing I appreciate about News With Views (which is what led me here), is that the quality is high. They don’t try to attract readers based upon number of articles or sensationalism, but instead they keep the quality top notch and the readers keep coming back.

    1. I try to provide a steady 6 or 7 posts a day, every day. The hard part is trying to figure out what kind of posts will be best.

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