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His Mercy Endureth Forever

So I finally got an amazon customer review for Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever–and the guy panned it. Two stars.

It’s a waste of time trying to tell anybody why he should have liked something or other, but gee whiz. This book is unsuitable for young readers because some of the characters who are supposed to be the good guys… tell lies. Gallgoid, the chief spy, tells porkies to the bad guys. You mean he shouldn’t do that? This is supposed to be “un-Christian.” But in the Bible, Rahab is praised for hiding the Israelite spies and lying to deceive the men who are hunting for them; and Jehosheba is praised for hiding the baby prince when the wicked queen, Athalia, tried to kill off the royal family. Like, Rahab should’ve said, “I cannot tell a lie. The Israelites are hiding on my roof.” Really? Like, instead of hiding the Jews, you should’ve told the Nazis where they were?

The reader also expressed a feeling that Bell Mountain has just gone on too long, on and on without getting anywhere. Do any of you think so? I’ve heard from people who don’t want the series ever to end. Well, there’s no pleasing everybody.

Even so, I’d love to know what some of you think of this book, His Mercy. And then there’s The Wind from Heaven next, and I’m working on Behold! So we can’t stop the series just yet.

Anyway, writers live on feedback, it’s food and drink to us. Just sayin’….

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  1. I see no reason at all for ending the series for as long as readers enjoy them. They are much better, more interesting and wholesome than most books of fiction. They seem to be enjoyed as much by young teens as by adults.
    I remember the books and series I loved when I was a kid, such as the Nancy Drew Mysteries, etc. Why end a good thing?

  2. I’m still reading His Mercy Endureth Forever and I’m really enjoying it so far!
    The Bell Mountain Series is much better than The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia in that it has more Biblical insights and a better Christian background.

  3. I agree, Joshua. Lord of the Rings kinda gives me the willys. They border on the occult, I think.

    1. In judging The Lord of the Rings, I think it’s important to remember that “magic” in those books is done only by characters who are not human. Gandalf is a spiritual being in human form whose powers have been delegated to him by God. Ditto Saruman and Sauron, who have fallen into rebellion against God: Sauron fell away to become a kind of vice president to Satan.
      Meanwhile, Tolkien firmly advised his friend C.S. Lewis not to put the pagan stuff into his books, but Lewis didn’t listen.
      But given that he was once an atheist, I like to cut him slack for that.

  4. I never did spend much time analyzing or contemplating the matter, but just watched some of the movies because my late husband liked to watch. Just not my style of entertainment, I guess.

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