‘Memory Lane: One Summer Night’ (2016)

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Grandma Moses, we need you!

Sometimes I look back on how different things used to be, and can hardly believe I’m still on the same planet.

Memory Lane: One Summer Night

Yes, they had block dances on the school blacktop in the evening. Nothing could be more harmless. The three of us kids watching from the upstairs window. Ray Bradbury got a lot of mileage out of scenes like this. So did Grandma Moses. How wise they were!

Can you imagine such a scene today? It would turn into a riot.

Culture rot has advanced very far indeed.

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  1. Culture has not progressed at all from my view. It has regressed and gone into the tank. Only in technology has there been any advance that I can see, and even that is getting more irritating as the weeks go by. This does not seem like life, only a weird parody.

  2. As a kid, in the summer they showed films outside at the elementary school. I remember the musicals, “Showboat” and “Porgy and Bess.” The young ones could run around and play and no one was concerned about kidnappers or rapists.

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