Quokkas Vote 3 Cheers for Jill

What a cute little Quokka family this is... Rottnest Island WA ...

Here at Quokka University, we are impressed–big-time!–by Jill at Chalcedon headquarters, who not only cleaned up this blog, but did it quickly, with hardly any down time. Crikey, can you imagine how many quokkas it would’ve taken to do that job?

We hope this means you’re all going to get your email notifications from now on, that your comments will all be published, and that it will no longer be impossible to view older posts. The reblog still doesn’t work, but probably that had nothing to do with our using an old retired theme. Lee still doesn’t understand what a “theme” is. That makes two of us.

Anyway… could we please get back to business now? We are back in working order, so let’s have some readership! Our regular readers stuck with us through these past five weeks of computer-generated futility, but our casual readership went down the drain.  I’ve heard there is a spotted quoll who knows how to bring it back, but we have to find him before we can ask him.

Spotted-tail quoll | NSW Environment, Energy and Science  If you’ve seen him around, please let us know.

4 comments on “Quokkas Vote 3 Cheers for Jill

  1. I second the three cheers! (Does that make it six cheers?) I’m sure she’ll work out the glitches with the phone screens, and the new theme really does look snazzy on my computer.

    Now tell us more about this spotted quoll. 🙂

    1. It’s a marsupial predator in Australia, leaving on rodents and other small prey. I’ll have to do a Mr. Nature on it.

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