Trouble With Your Comments?

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Don’t tear your hair just yet–we’re looking for a solution.

Some of us–well, not me, because I’m at the other end of this line and I don’t see what you see–have been complaining about WordPress not posting your comments. I have contacted WordPress about this and am waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile, Phoebe thinks she’s got it figured out. You should read her comment on yesterday’s post, “Kitten and Ducklings.” If she’s right, the comments in question are merely being subjected to a delay and will appear in two or three minutes after being posted.

Trust me, the last thing I want here is posting problems for my readers. I’ve sunk from 300+ views a day to only 200 or less–which I think has been caused by algorithms installed by Big Tech to suppress Christian and conservative sites. I don’t need a lot of technological bumbling added to the load.

So please bear with us. We’re trying to get it fixed.

Not a Nice Start to the Day


It used to be, when I started this blog in the morning, I’d find a hundred views already waiting for me. Now it’s more like twenty. When I closed down at bedtime, it’d be with upwards of four hundred views. Now I’m lucky if I get two hundred.

I have no idea why.

Then there’s the business of finding illustrations for one’s posts. I don’t know who’s in charge, but whoever they are–are they quite all there? I type in “images of loutish teenagers” and I get stills from a movie about a queen of alligators. I ask for “soak your head” and get images of soaking your feet. Don’t they know the difference between head and feet?

I asked for “images of Storm Troopers” and all I got was **** from Star Wars.

Tell me again why we would ever want computer chips implanted in our heads.

Ain’t gettin’ much joy out of this, this morning…


Was It Something I Said?

When Will the Music Industry Bottom Out? In About Four Years - Alan Cross

Virtually everyone, even squirrels and birds, knows more about computers and social media than I do. So maybe someone out there, it could be you, can explain what’s happened to this blog and what I can do about it.

For ten or eleven years I had steady growth and progress. I’m not doing anything differently, but 2022 was a bad year here, lost several thousand views, and January 2023 is treating me to 2015-type numbers. Half of what it used to be. If this was a business, I’d be up the creek.

My wife’s position is that WordPress has gummed up the works and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

It’s weird. I study the stats and can’t tell where the problem is. The regular readers are here. The regular features are getting viewed. But somehow the total is coming out a hundred short a day.

WordPress says nope, nothin’ wrong here.

Advice, anyone? Always remembering that even the simplest computer thingy is a major challenge for me.

It’s Just A Mess At My End

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I know there are some readers who aren’t happy with the service around here. You want to post Likes, and you can’t. You want to post a comment, and you can’t. I assure you–it’s just as big a mess at my end.

I’ve tried to get help from WordPress, but all I ever get out of them is a lot of techno doubletalk and snow jobs. They think everyone’s a computer expert.

So far this month, except for the sole exception of Jan. 1, I’ve been losing at least a hundred views a day, every day. It’s extremely frustrating. I don’t know what causes it, so I don’t know how to fix it. Thank you, God, that I’m on a salary! Because the whole idea of this blog was based on eventually lots of people reading it. They’re not–they’re fleeing the scene, like congregants fleeing out of a Far Left church.

I’m working as hard as ever, but it’s like the boat just keeps filling up with water no matter how fast I bail it out.

Any insights, out there? They’d be appreciated.

‘We’re All Supposed to Change’ (Newswithviews, 2014)

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I can’t bear to illustrate this content with the kind of images it demands. Here’s a nice puppy instead.

Yesterday I was so involved in trying to get my stats page fixed–and it’s still broken–that I forgot to write my weekly Newswithviews column. By the time I remembered, it was much too late. Thanks you, WordPress!

So here’s a column from eight years ago–we were already having “transgender” imposed on us back then.

But I testify to you that this was not part of the world that I grew up in! And I will not change.

And neither should you.

By Request, ‘The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy’

Let’s see if I can post this Christmas carol–requested by Ina, The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy. Of course, with all this Nothing Works jazz going on, I will have no way of knowing had many views it gets, so that kind of knocks our carol contest into the wastebasket. I have no access to my stats page! [Two-minute break for assorted loud noises]

Well, let’s see if I can post this…

Planet Earth, Do You Read Me? 10002, Steel Wool Soap Pads, 10 Ct (1-Pack) : Beauty & Personal  Care

S.O.S.! S.O.S.! Anybody read me?

One comment, just one, in the past 12 hours. That’s unusual, to say the least. Makes me wonder whether there’s something wrong (again!) with WordPress.

As of now, I can’t be sure my posts are being made available to readers. If we’re all being blocked, you won’t be able to tell me!

So all I can do is ask, “Is anybody out there reading this?” Please let me know… if you can.

They’ve Really Got Me This Time!

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Imagine trying to run a blog when you can’t see what your readers have been reading! That’s where WordPress has stuck me today.

Oh, they say it’s not their fault, it’s a conflict (?) created by “the theme designers,” whoever the blazes they are. So what I’ve got to do, they tell me, is first reach out to WordPress, then reach out to the theme designers in another company, another world, and then reach back out to WordPress and they’ll “guide” me through a labyrinth of widgets and wodgets and Kris Kringle’s grandmother’s cuneiform primer…

Ye gods! I want them to fix it. I’m not into hi-tech DIY! I don’t do my own dental surgery, either. Bad enough the month of November saw me lose 30 to 50 percent of my viewership for no detectable reason. Now I don’t know what my remaining viewers have been viewing!

I’ve been calling this The Age of Nothing Works. I see no reason to stop calling it that.

Maybe later I can get Jill, my webmaster at Chalcedon, to solve this problem for me. She wasn’t in when I called an hour ago. I am not going to fatz around on my own and probably make things worse.

If it’s not too trivial to ask, please pray for me today. This is my work, and I want to do it.

Update: Jill has fixed the problem–hooray! I will say no more about it.

Did Somebody Say ‘Stifle!’?

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Maybe one of you readers out there can tell me what’s what. All I get from WordPress is a lot of “Oh, it must be terribly disappointing for you!” Period. No help.

October was a good month for me. It made me think my computer problems were over. But after Nov. 1 the door got slammed shut in my face. Viewer numbers down, down, down. This evening they’re a good six hours behind where they should be.

Is this Google playing with the Search again? Is it the FBI or some other organized crime group? Come on, virtually everybody knows computers better than I do. I’ll bet there are hamsters who know computers better than I do. What the deuce is going on here?

I Can’t Hear You (Anybody There?)

How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You | Dog Won't Listen - Cesar's Way

Listening, but not hearing

Has WordPress done it to us again? It’s telling me there have been no comments here–zip, zero, nada–since midnight, and hardly any views, for that matter.

I wouldn’t be suspicious, except that yesterday several of you had difficulties seeing the comments that you tried to post. Maybe today it’s my turn not to see them.

Please drop me an email and let me know if you’ve tried to comment today and couldn’t do it. Not that that’ll do any good! But at least I’ll know something’s up.

Or if you haven’t tried it and been frustrated yet, you could try to post a comment and see if it gets through.

Anybody else having problems like this?