Is Your Text Still Squished Off to One Side?

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Please excuse the technical jargon in the headline. I can’t help it.

Jill thinks she has solved the problem of squished-off-to-one side displays on your whatsit phones, but she can’t be sure unless you check and tell us how it’s going. I don’t even have the vocabulary to frame the question right, so I hope those of you who’ve had an awkward time getting my blog to display on your phone screen will exercise a degree of clairvoyance. I mean, look at the illustration I chose–what does that have to do with anything?

So… does your screen look okay now, or is still all mashed off to one side, with just one or two words per line?

We are sure we can fix this problem.



2 comments on “Is Your Text Still Squished Off to One Side?

  1. Mine does fine — except that because of the larger typeface and more readable letter spacing, by the time we get to the second level of indentation in the comment replies, we’re back to three-word lines, and by the third level of indent, sometimes only one word will fit on a line, or not even fit completely but wrap its last letter or two into the next line. (Jill will understand this about the indents, I think.) Not that I want to get narrow, squeezed type, but I think Unknowable and I in particular had better limit our second- and third-level replies to one short sentence each, or else start a new comment and specify what we’re replying to. I’d hate for anyone to have to read one of our essay-comments one word at a time! 🙂 🙂

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