Cats with an Aversion to the Vet

You want to take cats to the vet? First you’ve gotta find ’em, then you’ve gotta catch ’em, and they you have to get them into the carrier somehow. And there’s more fun in store, once you get there.

Our cat Peep goes into a 24-hour hissy fit whenever she or her sister has to visit the vet. Mad at the world. But she’s worse while she’s there. We were shocked when they told us they had to wear protective gear when ministering to her. Underneath that quiet, sweet exterior… red-hot magma.

6 comments on “Cats with an Aversion to the Vet

  1. It’s easy to forget just how wild a cat can behave. These normally demure creatures never forget that they are essentially small mountain lions. My cat is sweet natured, but at the vet, she acts likes she’s auditioning for a remake of The Ghost and the Darkness. (A movie, based on a true story about two mankiller lions.)

  2. Cats are mind readers. They know you’re about to take them to the vet before you even walk toward them. Once the thought “vet” pops into your head, they run.

  3. How can I send you two photos? One, of my cat JoJo trying to hide from the groomer who came to the house, and the other, after he was groomed.

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