Extra-Funny Cats

We love cat videos, and critter videos in general; but this one has some of the zaniest cat behavior I’ve ever seen. And if you didn’t think a cat could do an “I’ve had it!” facial expression, prepare to learn otherwise.

I’m so sure you’ll like this video, I’m prepared to offer $67,594 to anyone who can prove (to my satisfaction) that he didn’t!

2 comments on “Extra-Funny Cats

  1. I’ve had cats as part of my life for over half of my years. The more I learn about cats, the more I realize that they are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. When they do the things you saw in that video, they knew exactly what they were doing. Besides that, they have a sense of humor.

    Earlier today, I was playing an electric guitar (albeit unplugged) and my cat sat and watched intently. She wasn’t interested in playing games, or in a mock attack, she was listening and watching my hands.

  2. You are right; these are some of the most amusing cat videos we have seen yet. They just get better and better. These cats really were doing some unusual things.

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