‘A Silly Baseball Statistic for Really Silly People’ (2014)

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Baseball’s back, sort of–and boy, do I not care! ‘Cause they pretty much ruined it, years ago.

One of the things that ruined it was ridiculous new statistics. Like this one: “WAR”.

A Silly Baseball Statistic for Really Silly People

In the years since I’ve written this, it’s only gotten worse. Now they keep track of how fast the ball travels off the bat on its way to making an out. They have a list of players who make the hardest-hit outs. Like for that they should get another $5 million a year.

If we ever get back to real baseball, we’ll know we’re getting sane again.


4 comments on “‘A Silly Baseball Statistic for Really Silly People’ (2014)

  1. I think this is yet another example of people living in the world of make believe. The fact is, players from another era will never meet one another. Mantle vs. DiMaggio is a senseless comparison. Outside my house, there is a modest vehicle parked. By today’s standards, it is nothing special, but if I was to go back to the days of the Model T it might well be the fastest motor vehicle on earth, not to mention the most efficient, the safest, most comfortable, etc. But what difference does all of that make? We aren’t in the Model T era and it is a quite modest vehicle in today’s world. Such comparisons belong on playgrounds, because they are not rooted in reality.

  2. Too bad the national baseball league can’t just have a regular season. How many athlete’s in their prime are going to die form the Wuhan Virus? Probably zero. Get real, people, and “Play Ball!”

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