Are You Getting Your Notifications?

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Sorry to bring this up again, I really thought we’d fixed it–but are you getting your notifications, whenever there’s a new post? Just trying to figure out why viewership is down some 40% from what it was, January through June. Yesterday, for instance, despite a good start, finished over 100 views short. So I really need to find out what’s going on.

Of course, if you’re not getting your notifications, then probably you won’t see this post and won’t be able to tell me that you’re not getting told of new posts. How else, though, can I communicate? Where else can I ask this question?

Book sales are in the “Don’t ask!” category. I believe the sub-par blogs have something to do with that.

I’ve got to find the answer before I simply disappear.

20 comments on “Are You Getting Your Notifications?

  1. I got this one OK, and a few yesterday. I have found that some of your posts are appearing in the wrong
    portions of email. If they come in to the promotions category, they are probably being deleted along with 50 others without my knowing. I just don’t have the time or the interest in reading or opening many promo posts. I do not know how to fix this, either, since some of your posts are coming in as they should. FAP.

  2. I’ve had no problem with getting notifications. What I’m having trouble with is sitting up at the computer long enough to respond. I’m exhausted. And maybe other people have suddenly worn out as well. It’s been that kind of year. 🙁

    Hang in there, Lee. Everyone will be back eventually.

    And here comes a thunderstorm, so I’m going to shut down my computer for a while.

    1. We have had the experience of a downright adjacent lightning strike blowing out our computer’s mother board. I don’t know what that is, but we had to send away to Singapore for a new one.
      You’re in my daily prayers, Phoebe–get better soon!

    1. I’m talking about falling 100 or more views short of what I was getting most days, January through June. In July we had intermittent internet access, and that hurt. In August we repaired problems and wound up with a better-looking, easier-to-read page… and it didn’t help.
      I realize now that I phrased that poorly, making it sound like the quality of the posts has been allowed to slip. I’d go back and rewrite it, only then people who read your question wouldn’t know what you were talking about–which I won’t let happen.

      Maybe Phoebe’s right: people are just feeling worn out. It’s been that kind of year.

      But if I’m doing anything wrong here, and causing myself to lose readership, I have to find out what it is.

    2. It doesn’t help that Facebook won’t let us share your blogs. And I also doubt many people are buying books these days. There are no more book stores in my city, except paperbacks in Walgreen’s. (I miss Borders). There’s this ‘Kindle” thing as you probably know, but I could never read a “rented” book on a computer. “Disappear”? Into a good book like one of yours!

    3. Oh, Facebook again! Someone who knows what he or she is talking about needs to address that problem. I’ve tried with the WordPress troubleshooters… but they keep shooting blanks.

    4. I think you are onto something, Lee. Morale is down after nearly 6 months of quarantine measures and virtually nothing but bad news.

  3. I’m not getting anything in my email when someone comments on my comments? – otherwise I am getting all your posts, thank goodness. If you could get everyone’s email that reads your Blog you could put it in a file and then when you need to ask a question just hit one key and presto – everyone hears from you.

    1. The only way to get notified of comments is to post a comment and check the boxes that say “notify me about comments” and “notify me of new posts.”

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