So Much for Those Months

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July: down over a thousand views from July of 2019. August: down a thousand more.

I wonder if other bloggers are getting results like this. It’d be interesting to know.

Well, I’ve tried everything. I suspect the problem really lies in the mess that’s been made of this year by Our Glorious Leaders totally freaking out over the Chicom Doomsday Virus and practically destroying our country in order to save it. And flexing their muscles pretty good while they were at it.

And you’ve got to hand it to the Far Left Crazy. They’ve done a stellar job of demoralizing people. I mean, how much transgender horse-schiff can they hit you with before it makes you downhearted? How many times can they call you a racist before you just stop caring?

September! That’s the ticket. It’ll be better in September…

14 comments on “So Much for Those Months

  1. FWIW, I think that there’s a growing ennui, due to all of this. A lot of people whom I deal with are burned out, tired and feeling a bit stir crazy.

  2. It could be the masks. Those who have to wear one all day are not getting enough oxygen, let alone all of their own bacteria they are breathing. They give me a headache. And if anyone calls you a racist, call them one back because anyone who is fixated on race is a racist by definition.

    1. Argh! So frustrating!!!! Praying that is nuts. Twitter has been also slowing conservative views being spread, many are telling me and tweeting that their hits are down. Same as mine. But it seems you are getting a lot more challenges

    2. They’re really doing it to me this week. Jill says it’s probably a WordPress glitch. I guess they won’t admit it.
      I’d leave WordPress altogether, but they I’d have to start all over from scratch, I’d lose my whole 8 years’ worth of archives, readers wouldn’t be able to find me, etc., etc.
      Nothing works anymore!

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