My Newswithviews Column, March 4 (‘It’s All About Control’)

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Liberals have a lust to be obeyed, slavishly, by normal people. And Big Tech believes they can make us want to obey. Perfect together!

It’s All About Control

And have you noticed how they keep moving the goalposts? Now we’ve got Foochi Fauci darkly hinting that life won’t be back to normal even by this time in 2022. And there’s a poll in the UK that shows a certain number of people saying they’ll never stop wearing face masks, they’ll wear ’em for the rest of their lives.

When they get done with us, there’ll no more adults among us. The libs will be the Morlocks, and we’ll be the Eloi.

And they will eat us.

After they eat up all our wealth, of course.

Had Enough Yet?

Guidelines issued by Peel Health instructing parents to keep kids with no symptoms isolated from the rest of their family if they are sent home from school because a classmate tests positive for COVID-19.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

The Peel Region schools (covering three suburbs of Toronto) have issued “guidelines” for subjecting children to solitary confinement if someone in their class tested positive for COVID-19 (

We still have not been told why this is being treated as if it were the deadliest disease in history; but meanwhile, get a load of this.

If one child in your child’s class tests positive, your child must “self-isolate” for 14 days. He or she must stay in the same room for 14 days and never come out, use a separate bathroom if possible, “and isolate from the rest of the family” for the whole 14 days–voila! Solitary confinement! I wonder if you’re supposed to slide the kid’s meals to him through a slot under the door. And the other children in the family can’t go out for 14 days.

Parents will be fined $5,000 if they make the mistake of treating their children like human beings.

This is not truly outlandish child abuse because __________. Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat.

Any number of experts have denounced this policy as cruel, harmful, and bizarre, but the Peel Region schools aren’t backing down. “They’re our peasants and we’ll step on them whenever we want!”

Yo, Fauci & Co.! Yeah, you–the scientific establishment! Tell us why we have to put up with all this schiff! Anyone would think you were simply using scare tactics to increase your power over us. And get rich.

Fourteen days in solitary. What’ll they advise us to do if a really serious disease comes along–put our children down? Put ourselves down?

Who do we tolerate this?

Babbling Biden

At around 8:48 into this video, Joe Biden babbles. This is a man who has spent several decades reading cue cards and giving speeches. Now he trips over his own tongue, saying “millstones” for “milestones” and then slipping, momentarily, into gibberish. This is supposedly our president.

Oh! And what’s up with the State of the Union speech? Uh, what State of the Union speech? The one the Constitution says the president shall (meaning “has to”) give “from time to time.” His handlers could compose one for him and pass it on to Congress in writing, sparing China Joe the risk of making a major speech. But no one knows whether there will be any State of the Union speech at all.

In this speech, above, he repeats the extravagant claim that half a million Americans have died of COVID. And no one, not a soul, in our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever asks him to prove it. Prove it, Joe! We don’t believe you! We think that figure is all wet. A 98-year-old in a nursing home, suffering from increasingly severe heart disease over the course of ten years, dies–and they chalk it up to COVID.

This is baloney. This is fear porn. Obey all those government mandates and restrictions, or ye shall surely die! Stop living like human beings! Face masks forever! Or at least until there are no more germs in our environment anymore.

This whole business is a national shame that will not easily be washed away.


Holy Cow! No More Flu!

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Oy, bucket-heads! We told you these ‘ere COVID restrictions would save your wretched lives–and now look! Thanks to lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, and banning jolly near everything…

In all of Britain, we have not a single case of influenza! Are you hearing me? No flu! We’ve got no bally flu! (

Yessireebob! We did such a great job of protecting you from COVID, we wiped out flu without even trying to! We tested more than 685,000 samples and didn’t find a single flu infection–anywhere!

Ooh! Ooooh! How about this for a brainstorm? Keep the masks–in fact, make it double masks!–and the lockdowns, keep people locked up in their homes, only allowed out once a week… and if we keep on restricting Everything, why, next thing you know, we’ll have no sickness left at all!

Honk if you believe this.

Obviously, all they’ve got to do is count all the flu cases as COVID cases and presto! Lots more COVID, lots less flu. In fact, you can play that game with any disease, any cause of death. Died at 98 years old, after suffering for ten years from heart disease and kidney failure? Hah! COVID got you!

They genuinely believe we’re really that stupid. Our ruling class, their tame, paid scientists, our (ahem!) entertainers–they all think we’re total morons who need to be led by the hand like toddlers. Led by them, our betters! And so they tell us driveling lies that a hamster could see through.

They all need to be replaced. ASAP.


COVID ‘n’ Climbit Change (Perfect Together!)

Grinning Kim Jong-un sits yards away from party officials after emerging  from hiding amid coronavirus pandemic

Meet Mr. Government!

My wife yesterday took a survey in which the questions persistently stapled together the Climate Change gotterdammerung and the COVID apocalypse, as if they were the same thing, or a package deal. I wish I could reproduce it for you, but the survey disappears as soon as you submit the answers, and it is not reproduced on the website.

Apparently King COVID is supposed to teach us to love and trust Big Brother, aka the all-devouring state. Otherwise we’re all gonna die. If de germ don’t get us, de climbit change will–only de guvvamint can save us, can you gimme hallelujah!

The questions were weird. Like, as a result of the COVID pandemic, what actions do you think the government should take to deal with Climate Change? Now that we’ve had COVID, what will you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Oh, the Great Reset globalist varmints would love to link King COVID with Climate Change, nee Global Warming, which always sounds ridiculous with large portions of the country freezing their kiesters off! They really thought Climate Change would be the magic carpet upon which they would ride to total power over everyone–but they kept getting caught lying and cheating, and they could never seal the deal. But then along comes COVID, and this time we really honest-to-pete ARE gonna die, or at least untold millions of us, we really are gonna die unless we OBEY all the government’s mandates–! [Pause to hyperventilate]

So they’re telling us “America is closing in on half a million COVID deaths!” and no one, not a soul (if they have souls), among our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever calls ’em out on it! “Dr. Fauci, can you prove that 500,000 Americans have actually died of COVID, and not of a wide assortment of other serious causes, like heart disease–in which the COVID was just the last bit of poison icing on the cake? Can you prove that, sir?”

In a pig’s eye he can.

So joins the parade, marching behind King COVID with a little pooper-scooper–destination, world government. Try it, you’ll like it! Honest, we’ll give you your freedom back the moment you ask for it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

‘Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper’ (2016)

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Use it again and again!

Now that we’re going to be put under house arrest every time a germ pops up in the environment, we’re going to be strapped for things to do. But as always, government has the answer!

Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper

Go ahead, tell me it’s just not possible that even the most off-the-wall Democrat regime would ever afflict the American people with a crazy thing like this.

Nothing is off the table, with this crowd.

The CDC: They’re Kidding–We Hope

Image result for images of robber with stocking mask

This just in. I don’t want it to be true.

It seems the Center for Disease Control, confronting evidence that making everybody wear face masks hasn’t and will not do a lick of good, are pondering whether they should recommend we all wear–undies! panty hose!–across our faces, on top of two or three masks (

They’ve done “experiments on mannequins in a lab”–no testing on humans yet–and admit, grudgingly, that “double masking might impede breathing or obstruct peripheral vision.” Ya think? And so, they say, we might try “placing a sleeve made of sheer nylon hosing material around the neck and pulling it up over either cloth or medical procedure mask”… with “knots and tuckings” to make it tight.

I’m sure I’ve heard of bank robbers doing this.

They’ve gone completely loopy.

Folks, we need a new government–stat!


Seeing How Far They Can Go

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Plutarch tells us of a king of Sparta who enacted a lot of silly and exasperating laws–to teach his people, he explained, a habit of obedience.

Is this what’s being done to us?

No singing allowed! No cheering. Double face masks. Triple face masks! No Christmas, no Thanksgiving, no buying seeds or paint–no talking allowed in the supermarket! All of these and more have been imposed upon the people in what used to be called the Free World.


“Because COVID!” That’s the universal reason. Not that they’ve given up on Climate Change, but COVID has pulled far ahead of that.

But what if COVID’s not the reason? What if the whole idea is to prepare us for The Great Reset by teaching us a habit of unquestioning obedience?

What if they’re just trying to see how far they can go with provoking, exasperating, and confusing us? Keep going until they reach some undefined end point? If there even is an end.

Their assumption is that God can’t stop them.

But I think He can.

CDC Issues ‘Super Bowl Party Guidelines’

Image result for images of super bowl party

Achtung! Verboten!

No human activity is too trivial for government to reach out to control!

Why anyone would bother to watch the Super Bowl, given pro football’s clearly expressed disdain for America and her people, is a mystery to me. But just in case you want to get together with family and friends to watch this bilge, the Center for Disease Control has issued “guidelines” for your Super Bowl party (

Wear your face masks indoors and outdoors, you silly little proles. And better than a family get-together would be a virtual gathering. And by all means “Avoid shouting, cheering loudly”–is there even such a thing as cheering softly?–“or singing.” No singing allowed!

Sure sounds like fun, eh?

Because COVID.

When are they going to pull down the Statue of Liberty?

CDC Now Calls for Double Face Masks

Woman Wearing Multiple Face Masks Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free  Image. Image 140351129.

Here you go–three face masks! Wanna try for four?

All right, all right already–hear now the nooze.

The CDC now wants us to wear two face masks, maybe even three, and has called for another “Mandate” forbidding travel on planes, buses, etc. unless you’ve got two face masks. Whatever (

You know what this is? It’s that creepy hyper-humanist ideology that insists that The Smartest People In The World can solve every problem, overcome every obstacle, as long as they’re given enough power to order everybody else’s lives. Yup–there’s no such thing as a crisis they can’t manage.

They’re treating King COVID as the deadliest disease in history, when obviously it isn’t, and we don’t know why. They also treat it as a problem they can solve, although so far all of their “solutions” are noteworthy for not working.

How long do we have to put up with this?