The Pseudo-Religion Comes into Its Own

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COVID-19 is very far from being the deadliest disease the world has ever known, but that hasn’t stopped our exalted leaders from behaving like it’s the Black Death and the Spanish Flu rolled into one. And so we have these bizarre, draconian restrictions wrapped around people’s necks, world-wide; and every time we get close to what we’ve been told will be the end of it, they move the goalposts farther away.

Need we mention that nobody tells us anymore what the end will be?

And what happens from now on whenever a nasty disease comes along? Are we gonna play shutdown/lockdown every time?

Why do our exalted leaders do this to us?

Because it’s their weird substitute religion. And what religion is that? The Humanist Manifesto 2 will sum it up neatly for you ( There is no God, but no problem, using our infallible Science wisely, we, the world’s smartest people, can and will do everything God shoulda done!

So they want God’s job, they want to sit on His throne: and then they realize, “Schiff, now we gotta do all those things we disbelieved in God for not doing!” You will find those things listed in the Humanist Manifesto. Question: Why does every moth-eaten bunch of commie wackos have a “manifesto”?

Now that government is God, and they’re the government, they have to do a better job than God ever did and prevent all Bad Things from happening! And if any of them do happen anyway, it’s Donald Trump’s fault. In the case under discussion here, the self-anointed gods now have to demonstrate that they can wipe out diseases. Once they’ve got it all under control, no one will ever get sick anymore! (Unless White Supremacists find some way to make them sick.)

Whatever the problem, it can always be traced to a core or cadre of Christian conservative spoil-sports who refuse to get behind the program. They’re the ones holding back the Government from creating Utopia! Off to the gulag with ’em! You’ve gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

It’s not just disease. The new gods, self-anointed, also propose to eliminate war, poverty, inequality, and unhappiness. “That’s a better deal than God ever gave you!” And who needs forgiveness of sins, when there must be some Scientific method to make it impossible for you to sin in word, act, or thought? Some little chip implanted in your brain: it’ll fry you if you think a Bad Thought.

Because the humanists aspire to be gods–just as the Serpent promised, back in the Garden of Eden–they must aim for and exercise total control over every aspect of human life. Wow! Good thing they’ll only do that for our own good!

The fool says in his heart that there is no god; and then he goes out and makes one out of cardboard.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

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Count your fingers after shaking hands with him!

The beautiful thing about stealing a presidential election is that once you do that, you can do anything. They’ll never be able to vote you out of office!

The governors of California and New Jersey have already taken that to heart.

Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss

Y’know all those restrictions, all those “mandates” and “orders” that they press on you? None of it applies to them! Suddenly we are back in France in 1703. When the ruling class really ruled–and all you hicks out there had better believe it.

We are living in the most shameful episode in all of American history. May God abate His just anger and deliver us out of it.

NJ Gov Breaks His Own Rules

Gov. Murphy and his family were harassed by protestors while eating at a restaurant.

What happened to “keep your mask on between bites”? Oh, of course–that doesn’t apply to Democrat politicians.

Here we go again!

Shortly after announcing that he was issuing an executive order (we quote) “RETIGHTENING restrictions” on family gatherings, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was filmed dining out, maskless, indoors, with his family ( Other diners called him out on it. Their language was somewhat colorful.

Well, we knew that, didn’t we–“Face masks for thee, but not for me! Social distancing for thee, but not for me! Indoor family dining-out for me, but not for thee!”

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Once you show that you can steal an election and get away with it, you can do any damned thing you please.

Our “leaders,” our masters, behave like they don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling us. They want us to think COVID-19 is the deadliest disease the world has ever known–unless you’re taking part in a riot, or just happen to be a “leader” yourself. Then the virus can’t touch you.

They’re not afraid of the virus. And if they’re not, why should we?

The Howell Township police chief, by the way, took the opportunity to say that he would not enforce any of the “draconian” restrictions handed down by the governor. He’s not the only police chief who’s said that.

Our country is being attacked from within by the Democrat Party.

Hypocrites all.

Are You Enjoying the…uh… Pandemic?

Premium Photo | Sick man with a hood sitting alone on bench, wearing  protective facial mask. coronavirus pandemic

I had a horrible thought yesterday, as I watched people pass up and down the sidewalk with their face masks on.

Does anybody out there like all this pandemic schiff?

Globalists are crowing about some ” Great Reset” they can subject us to–and I do mean “subject,” as in “Bye-bye citizens, hello subjects.” We didn’t want to be King George III’s subjects. Are we willing to be George Soros’? Bill and Melinda Gates’?

Look at all those vultures out there, waiting for our liberty to die. Obama. Kerry. Gore. All those faceless schemers over there in Europe.

And we wear face masks to walk our dogs?

They want to lock down our Thanksgiving, blot out our Christmas. They’ve got it all lined up for next year, too. When have they ever not moved the goalposts as soon as we got close? Over and over and over again! And we let them do it, and they have no fear of us; and when we catch Gavin Newsom enjoying a big-bucks birthday bash without face masks, without social distancing, even as he lays down the law to stifle our holidays… well, we just let him giggle it off, didn’t we?

Are we enjoying this? Does putting the mask over your nose and mouth inject a note of drama into life? Does it make us feel like we’re actually being virtuous and good?

Are we out of our freakin’ minds?

Meanwhile, they just stole a presidential election so they can impose on us a gaggle of Far Left Crazies headed by a dotard who needs a very brave food-taster–and this bunch is already bragging about what they’re gonna do to us next year.

These people with their Great Reset and their lockdowns are not our friends. They are predators, whose prey is… us!

We pray the Lord will cut them down.

All the News You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Hear

TV Review: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (TV Series) | HNN

“It’s news, Mr. Vincenzo! News!”

LifeSite News has been “suspended” from YouTube for a week.

I say there’s a qualitative difference between some psycho yelling “Fire!” in  crowded theater and a credentialed medical scientist criticizing public policy vis-a-vis King COVID. But YouTube doesn’t think you should be allowed to hear what this critic has to say (

What are Dr. Roger Hodkinson’s credentials? He is medical director of Western Medical Assessments and a former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians (in Canada) Examination Committee. So, yes, his opinion is worth something; but YouTube says it’s “medical misinformation” and that by reporting the news–Dr. Hodkinson’s comments are news–LifeSite has violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Which is pure bunk, start to finish.

And what did this credentialed medical scientist say, that no one is allowed to mention on YouTube?

He called the COVID-19 panic “the greatest hoax ever” and decried the uselessness of face masks, except as virtue signals, and the rush by nooze media and politicians to scare people into submission.

Sounds pretty much on target to me!

LifeSite News has urged its readers to follow it on Rumble instead of the various social media that are part of left-wing Googles social media monopoly.

Leftids believe that, now that they’ve stolen America’s presidential election, they can do anything they want without being held accountable.

Wait’ll they find out they only thought they’d stolen it. Make sure plenty of paddy wagons are ready.

Newsom: ‘Parties for Me, but Not for Thee’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's State of the State Speech: Highlights - The  New York Times


How come the big-shot Democrat governors and mayors who tell us The Virus gonna getcha if you don’t obey their Maaaaandates… act like they don’t believe a single word of what they’re pushing on us?

Like, for instance, California Governor Gavin Noisome–oops, I mean Newsom–who, right after warning people that they’d better sharply restrict their Thanksgiving celebrations, went out to a lavish birthday bash for one of his yes-men at one of the most expensive restaurants in San Francisco (

When his flagrant hypocrisy came to light, Newsom laughed it off with a tepid apology, “we should have modeled better behavior.” Yeah. He had families from at least 12 different households attending the party–something Mr. and Mrs. Peasant are strongly discouraged from doing.

You’ve gotta see this news clip, which includes a photo of the party. No one is wearing face masks, they’re all sitting close together in quite a crowd around the table; and although Newsom at first said the party was held outdoors, the photo proves that that was a lie. And you’ll also see the wretched man smirking as he blathers out his insincere apology.

Meanwhile, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California, has been photographed walking around without a sacred holy face mask in the halls of the Capitol Building and at Dulles International Airport. Face masks for you, not her.

Has anybody noticed this is just like freakin’ “Climate Change”? Like Barack Obama, in between giving speeches about The Rising Sea Levels And We’re All Gonna Die Unless You Give The Government A Lot More Power And Money, bought a gazillion-dollar mansion practically on the water-line at Martha’s Vineyard. Does that sound like he believes in rising sea levels? Crikey, if he believed the pap that he was selling us, he would’ve built his mansion on top of the highest mountain he could find.

They are all hypocrites, and the whole purpose of all their fear campaigns is to scare us, the people, into submission and abridge our freedoms. Which somehow always results in them getting richer!

They are lying to us. If they were that scared of COVID-19, they wouldn’t do the things they do. We’re still waiting for them to explain how come all those rioters didn’t die off like flies, jammed together as they were, without face masks or even a hint of social distancing.

If it doesn’t scare them, it shouldn’t scare us.

And they can take their Great Re-Set and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

‘Wreaths Across America’–Saved

DVIDS - Images - Wreaths Across America Day in Arlington National Cemetery  [Image 21 of 23]

And so, because of COVID-19, the virus that justifies every cheap, petty tyranny imagined by tinpot bureaucrats, the secretary of national cemeteries cancelled the annual “Wreaths Across America” event at Arlington National Cemetery.

But the next day President Donald Trump, through the secretary of the Army, reinstated it (

The celebration, held every year on Dec. 19, pays homage to America’s war dead as volunteers lay wreaths on the graves.

Well, damn, that didn’t work! But we can still make a mess of Thanksgiving, can’t we? Hey, let’s forbid family gatherings and then zip off to Hawaii on our private jets for beaucoup fun! And then we’ll see what we can do about cancelling Christmas.

And we are asked to believe the American people voted for this!

America needs the destruction of the Democrat Party. Sen. Che Schumer says if they can just win those last couple of Senate seats, “We can change America!” Change it into what, he doesn’t say. But now that they’ve stolen a national election, they think they can do anything they please.

Cut them down, O Lord. Cut them down in their pride and arrogance. Cut them down in their hubris. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

What Are They Doing To Us?

59 Bug Insect Glass Jar Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

I just had a most unsettling thought.

What if the whole COVID panic, world-wide, and the stolen election caper here at home, are both part of a coordinated effort by globalists and other super-villains to impose their jive utopia on us?

If you know me, you know I hate conspiracy theories. But look at all the tricks the bad guys pulled in this election. Mountains and mountains of evidence–but you’ve still got the nooze media yapping about “President-elect Biden” and Fascist Fauci telling us all to do what we’re told and the government in Wales telling people they can’t buy books… and transgender, and Drag Queen Story Hour–

What if it’s all part of the same thing? Because all of these various abominations seem to have a hellish synergy. They go together very well!

Oh, but just think of how grateful Satan will be to them for carrying out his plans!

Uh-huh. A spider in a jar has better prospects than anyone who counts on Satan’s gratitude.

Fauci to America: ‘Do What You’re Told’

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci on why 'television baseball' could work - Los  Angeles Times

“Just shut up and do what you’re told–all of you!”

Wow! And you thought you were out of grade school, out from under getting grounded by your folks. You thought you were an adult.

Dr. Fauci says you’re not. Not really. Not to any degree that he or any other [trumpet fanfare] Scientist has to respect.

Fauci the Virus Czar acknowledges that the American people have “an independent spirit” which is now getting in the way of The Science: “I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told” ( Presto! You’re back in middle school gym class.

Meanwhile Doddering Joe, who thinks he’s the president, has promised nationwide lockdowns, nationwide mask mandates, etc. If you voted for him, you have done a bad and foolish thing.

Why are they treating COVID-19 as if it were the deadliest disease the world has ever known? I can think of only two reasons. Either A), It really is super-horrible-doomsday-etc. and there’s something about it that they haven’t told us yet; or B) This is just the most glorious excuse they’ve ever had to take control of other people’s lives and pile up more power and money for themselves.

Does anybody out there actually believe this schiff? Are we or are we not getting the biggest damned hosing in all of history? Of which the recent stolen-election caper is only a part!

This is what happens when government has no fear of the governed. Thomas Jefferson told us so. We should have listened.

New Lockdown for Wales–a Government Gone Mad

Holy smoke! The new lockdown in Wales is like Gov. Whitmer on steroids: or, in the words of an Australian TV news host, “psychotic and absolutely deranged.”

Welsh supermarkets suddenly have shelves taped off to prevent you from trying to buy items the government deems “non-essential.” Like books. Kitchen utensils. Need a new cooking pot? Yer outta luck! Various household supplies. And “no unnecessary journeys.” Government will decide what’s necessary or not.

It’s supposed to last only 17 days. Where have we heard that before?

It’s supposed to wipe out the COVID virus. You know–like the first lockdown did. What’s that? We’ve still got the virus even though we had a four-month lockdown? Obviously the solution is another lockdown! It’s just bound to work this time!

We hear warnings of “a new normal… a dystopian nightmare of constant control and constant fear,” with government claiming more and more “extraordinary powers over our lives.”

News flash! All globalists are Chinese Communist wannabes.

And they think they’ve just swallowed America whole.

Do we Americans give government this kind of power over us? God forbid we just did.