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1 Out of 3 of Us: Bonkers?

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I don’t know how such information as this winds up in a census; but according to data acquired by the U.S. Census Bureau and “analyzed” by The Washington Post (for what that’s worth!), some one third of Americans today are suffering from “clinical anxiety” and/or depression (https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/28/one-in-three-americans-now-show-signs-of-clinical-anxiety-or-depression/).

The numbers have doubled since 2014.

A major reason for people growing increasingly downhearted, grants the report, is “uncertainty spurred by moving the goalposts” for the end of statewide lockdowns throughout the country. Well, gee! They’re always moving the goalposts. No wonder people are losing their morale along with their jobs. Democrat governors never come right out and say “We’re going to try to keep this lockdown and economic catastrophe going right up till Election Day, so we can get you ignorant voters to blame it all on Trump and put our socialist wack-jobs into office.” No. They wait till the due date draws near and then they move it back. It really gets to people, when they do it that way. Like those horrible dreams in which you’re back in school waiting for the last day–and it never comes.

The report doesn’t say so, but I imagine any large amount of time spent watching TV nooze these days will also drive you to depression. Enough of it would make you as mad as a hatter. Imagine the state of mind of someone who watches “The View” on purpose. How would you like to get lost in that psychological wilderness?

Has it become obvious yet that Democrats are more than willing to see us all climbing the walls, as long as it helps them get back into power?

Put ’em out of business!

So What’s the Mask for, Again?

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“To hear is to obey, O Master!”

High-profile Democrat pipsqueaks have begun to separate the wearin’ o’ the facemask from any demonstrable medical benefit and instead are touting it as a “symbol” of assorted peachy things (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/05/27/democrat-governors-wearing-masks-is-cool-and-signifies-strength/).

Wearing the mask is “officially cool,” babbled New York Gov. Andrew “Terror of the Nursing Homes” Cuomo. It “signifies strength [and] compassion for others,” hoots the Democrat running North Carolina, Roy Cooper. Even medical oracle Dr. Anthony Fauci says the mask is “a symbol” of what we ought to do for others–even if, he grants, it’s something less than 100% useful. And for weird Joe Biden it’s a “symbol of leadership.” He said more, but I don’t like to pick on senile people. Although with the likes of Andrew Cuomo on the loose, you can’t blame him for not checking himself into a nursing home.

Sorry! Was that harsh? Well, it’s not as harsh as what the Democrats are doing to this country–not to mention unleashing their tame nooze media to see that Red China gets a free pass for loosing a plague upon the world. Now that was really harsh!

So now wearing the stupid mask and breathing your own recycled CO2 is “cool” and “compassionate” and if you don’t do it you’re an Enemy of the People, blah-blah. It’s part of “the new normal,” “the new world”! And can we please have our socialism now, Nanny?

Shame on America, shame on us for consenting to be lorded over by such people.

P.S.–If the masks are admittedly only a “symbol” now, how is it not a flagrant violation of the First Amendment to order people to wear them? What kind of freedom do we have, if they can tell us what to say?

How Is This Crazy S*** Supposed to Work?

National lockdown to fight coronavirus: What it means - India News

By now, I hope, most people have noticed that the states with the most onerous restrictions imposed on their people are all Democrat states, with Democrat governors making like Mussolini. And surely you’ve noticed that whenever a state draws near the date set by the governor for the end of the lockdown, they move it back another several weeks.

You can walk on wet sand, but not on dry sand. Don’t step outside without a mask on. Don’t even think about buying seeds for your garden. And so on. One “mandate” after another. We used to have laws. Now we have mandates.

Democrats are enjoying this like it was a beer party in heaven. Somehow burdening the American people with innumerable restrictions, some of which don’t make any kind of sense at all, is supposed to endear them to the voters, turn them against President Trump, and sweep their warmed-over socialist rag-pile party back into power in November. Like, all this stuff that Democrats are doing to us–that’s all Trump’s fault.

What? How?

Shut up, they explained.

The Democrats abuse us and reckon we’ll blame it all on Trump. I don’t understand that thinking. It only works if our Free & Independent Nooze media go whole-hog Democrat and the people–maybe God has driven them mad–believe them. The party and the noozies have to work closely together on this… as they’ve been doing all along.

Is America truly stupid enough to fall for this?

God forbid.

Movie Airhead’s Knitted Face Mask

I didn’t want to do any nooze today, but I thought it best not to let this one slip past us.

She was in a movie once, so Alyssa Milano never loses a chance to pontificate to us peasants who make it possible for her to be paid lots and lots of money for work that absolutely doesn’t matter.

Her latest caper–a knitted anti-virus face mask (https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/23/alyssa-milano-hand-knit-crocheted-face-mask-jokes-coronavirus-family/).

Behind this ignorance is a leftid’s instinctive preference for government-imposed restrictions. They are drawn to tyranny as flies to decaying meat. So let’s take nationwide house arrest and try to turn it into… a new normal! Grin and bear it! Ain’t face masks cute?

If you don’t understand what’s so ridiculous about a knitted anti-virus mask, take a crocheted baby-blanket or something and try to carry sugar in it. And viruses are much, much smaller than grains of sugar.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! She has a filter in it! Oh, well–!

We have seen, from one end of the country to another, Democrat governors and mayors display a positive lust for controlling people’s lives. The Chinese Death Virus has given them an excuse to do it–and are they ever enjoying it! Like the nit out in California who decreed you can be on the wet sand at the beach, but not the dry sand. What a clever little high school Charlie.

I think we can be reasonably sure that anything pitched to us by a Far Left Hollywood air-head is just about guaranteed to be a spitball.

They keep setting dates for lifting the restrictions and then, when we’re almost there, moving them ahead for several more weeks. It’s their way of trying to get Donald Trump out of the White House.

They wouldn’t do it if they knew it’d result in a white-hot angry voting public punishing them by putting the Democrat Party out of business forever.

Socialist Paradise Conquers Virus

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The People’s Democratic Republic of East Shinola has claimed “110% victory” in its war against the Wuhan coronavirus (http://www.totallyfakenooze.com/east-shinola).

President-for-Life Dr. General Venerated Sage Ho Lee Kow said his new policy of “removing” anyone suspected of being infected with the virus “worked like a charm.”

“We don’t need to tell people to stay inside their homes,” he said. “They know their neighbors are just waiting to call us the moment they see anyone step outside. So they just naturally stay indoors!

“Socialist violence is really the gentlest form of behavior modification,” he added. “As of this moment, our glorious country has no whatchamacallit virus. I repeat: none!”

East Shinola law requires that anyone who contradicts the president be “re-educated” at an undisclosed location. Most of them are never seen again.

“We are waiting to buy cell phones from China so we can check on everybody, moment to moment, and know where they are and what they are doing,” the president said. “We have learned that the more control you have over people, the happier they are. Without an all-powerful government, they just get in trouble. Everything we do is for their own good.”

Tinpot Tyrants’ Addiction to Power

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker to extend stay at home order through ...

“All children under sixteen are now over sixteen…”

One by one, Democrat governors are losing lawsuits filed against their overzealous “lockdown” orders. Important reminder: “Lockdown” used to mean a tactic used by jailers to control their prisoners. They’ve lost every one of these court cases so far, but it hasn’t blunted their appetite for dictatorial rule.

So yesterday the Democrat governor of Illinois decreed an “emergency rule” that would make it a criminal offense (Class A misdemeanor) to disobey him by re-opening your business (https://illinoisfamily.org/politics/governor-pritzker-wants-to-criminalize-lock-down-opposition/). He also wants to extend his “emergency authority” to 150 days, up from 30.

He needs an emergency 48 hours in the pillory, or at least a public ducking.

Have you noticed that every single one of these Mussolini wannabes is a Democrat? That’s not an accident.

It would be nice to believe these governors are simply doing the best they can under very trying circumstances.

But that’s a thing I can’t believe.


My Newswithviews Column, May 14 (‘When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?’)

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We should be scared stiff when we contemplate the speed with which governors and mayors and city councils wiped out some of our most basic liberties–to say nothing of how fast we were able to cripple the world’s most prosperous economy.

When Do We Get Our Freedoms Back?

Now we’re in perpetual “lockdown”–originally a prison term. Oh, some of the Red States have begun to inch open again. But Blue States and Democrat-controlled cities–if the big shots have their way, the lockdown will go on and on at least up till Election Day. And they will promise that if we vote for socialist Joe Biden, they’ll let us go back to living our lives.

This must never be allowed to happen again.

And the Democrat Party must be destroyed in this year’s election. Destroyed forever, never to return.

Have We Learned Anything at All?

The Ethics of Globalism, Nationalism, and Patriotism – Brewminate

One of my greatest fears concerning the coronavirus crisis is that we, as a nation, won’t learn a blessed thing from the experience. I fear we’ll return to our follies, picking up right where we left off. God forbid.

Are we so stupid, so wooden-headed, as to go straight back to globalism, out-sourcing our manufacturing, trusting China, trusting the United Nations, and here at home inventing new “genders,” hyper-urbanization (a la Agenda 21), Drag Queen Story Hour, playing footsie with socialism, and pushing such wicked, republic-destroying follies as vote-by-mail, prosecuting Climate Change denial, and allowing the Deep State to run amok? I might say more, but this list is long enough already.

Have we missed the point of so many gaudy displays of tyrannical overreach by mayors and governors and city councils, have we failed to understand that now that they’ve had a taste of it, they’ll be hungry for more? They keep talking about “a new normal.” God defend us from whatever they conceive as “normal”!

I pray in Jesus’ name that America–and other countries, too–will come out of this trial better and wiser than we were, going in. Amen.

We Can’t Trust the Nooze

Our free & independent nooze media’s habit of lying whenever it’ll help the Democrat Party has become a threat to public health. How can we proceed wisely, prudently, if we can’t get reliable information?

Why don’t we trust the noozies?

See the clip: “reporters” remove their anti-virus masks as soon as they think the broadcast is over and the cameras are off. We also see some violations of [trumpet fanfare] Social Distancing.

Aren’t they afraid they’ll get sick and die, if they take the mask off? That’s what’s supposed to happen–right? That’s why I have to wear the hot, itchy mask that fogs my glasses; otherwise they won’t let me in the store.

And so, like so many others, I find myself ignorant of the true nature of the Chinese Death Virus From China and its potential for killing us. From supposedly authoritative sources you hear everything from “OMG we’re all gonna die!” to “It’s mostly just a hoax.” And from the media you just hear gloom and doom, with plenty of sturm und drang, every freakin’ day and night.

And meanwhile–when do we get our rights back? They sure got snatched away in a hurry, didn’t they?


You Can’t Say ‘Chinese Virus’ in San Antonio

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Not terribly pertinent–but who can’t use a laugh, these days?

People are dumb or trusting enough to elect you to their city council, and you think they’ve volunteered to play house with you as the all-wise, all-powerful father and them as the not-always-so-nice little kiddies who need a firm hand at all times.

The city council of San Antonio, Texas, unanimously (a vote of 11-0) passed a resolution condemning “COVID-19 hate speech” (https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/san-antonio-mayor-proposes-resolution-denouncing-covid-19-hate-speech), because–it seems–if people know it came from Red China, they’ll go out and commit hate crimes.

Does that mean I have to stop calling it the Chinese Communist Wuhan People’s Liberation Death Virus From China?

Also verboten in San Antonio is any “spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19.” Hmm… Dr. Fauci used to say you couldn’t catch it from other people. He was wrong. But how do you tell the difference between “spreading misinformation” and simply being wrong?

Well, it’s only a resolution so far, not a law, so probably Herod’s men can’t drag you out of your car and toss you into jail. Yet. Maybe it depends on how angry Big Daddy gets. “You kids really bug me sometimes!”

Dude! When do we get our rights back? When do we get to be adults again? When do you mayors and councils and governors stop being our parents?

Cheesed-off minds want to know.

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