An Experiment

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This is just an experiment to see if I’m still in business. If I am successful, you’ll see a picture of Tanystropheus. If I’m not, I don’t know what you’ll see. Something rather awful, I expect.

9 comments on “An Experiment

  1. Never having been introduced to one of those, I don’t know whether that’s its correct name, but there sure is something with a loooong neck in the picture. 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m seeing the image.

    I’m having issues with inserting images into my posts, too. Well. Just opening the editor to *write* a post is a problem. I could blame it on our unstable internet connection, but when I can use a second browser and have nowhere near as many problems, that doesn’t fly as an excuse. Yesterday, it took me more than an hour just to open the editor to write posts.

    With images, I normally upload my resized images into my WordPress media library first, then used select from media library when wanting to insert an image into my post. It fails, time after time. No image loads into my post, or I get a message about not having an alt something-or-other. I’ve found it faster to just keep adding image blocks and inserting the image in the new block, over and over again, until one finally loads. Then I delete the failed blocks. Some days, it’s so bad, it’s faster to upload the images from my computer, rather than my WordPress media library. Which is completely the opposite of how it should work. Of course, I then have to delete the image I’d uploaded previously from my library, because I now have a duplicate.

    It seems the more they “improve” things, the worst it gets!

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