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I’m already late today, and I’m trying to dig this blog out from the tar-pit it dove into in July–and August was nothing write home about, either.

We’ve got hymns, we’ve got nooze (heaven help us), we’ve got humor and cozy animal videos and satire, and nature… I admit we don’t have recipes. Not much point, me offering recipes.

Well, I’ve got to sit down and think, think, think. What were readers getting, January through June, that they didn’t get in July and August? Or is this whole thing just completely out of my hands?

Anyway, I’m always open to suggestions. It’s not just a blog, it’s a fellowship.

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  1. More cute lizards? (Just kidding — and my apologies to Lydia.)

    Lee, did you get a lot of links from Facebook and/or Twitter in the past? Maybe you’ve been shadow-banned from there. Or maybe people are just worn out from the insanity that’s been going on for months, and don’t have the mental of physical energy to do anything except curl up with a book or plant themselves in front of a movie. I’m fighting off a lot of inertia myself. And maybe not winning all the battles. 🙁

    1. I haven’t noticed any dropoff in FB referrals lately, even with that 301 Error that no one can get rid of.
      I just can’t figure out where my readership went or how to get it back. And I wonder if this is happening with other blogs.

  2. I suspect that a lot of people are saturated with news. I remember the mayhem of the late sixties and this seems a lot worse to me. We can’t control the actions of others and when we reach the limits of our influence we can only trust in God. He’s come through for His faithful many times in the past and as long as we do our best, we can be confident in Him.

    Along with the bad news, there are occasional uplifting stories that happen; legal victories for the side of goodness. I would say that the best news is the CDC’s announcement that actual COVID deaths are much less than expected. That may be the best news I’ve heard all year.

    1. Yeahbut, yeahbut! Washington Post and Doc Fauci hysterically insist the CDC is lying about this, etc. For some reason they want a much bigger death toll. Well, that’s liberals for you.

  3. Lee, I think people have been jarred out of their normal way of life by what’s been going on, between the virus lockdowns and the riots around the country. I don’t think it is because of anything you have done, or not done. I hope and expect that things will return to normal soon.

    Actually, I pray that this mess causes people to turn back to God, and then things will likely be BETTER than “normal!”

    1. It’s easy to forget just how much things have changed in a matter of 6 months. Our way of life has changed drastically. I have to go into the office on rare occasion and I get excited at the prospect of actually going somewhere, doing something, interacting with others and seeing the sights. And I’m one of the fortunate ones, at least I still have a job, but imagine actually looking forward to commuting. There have to be a lot of people truly suffering and all of the bad news can only make it hurt more.

    2. I consider it my duty to report at least some of it, in hopes that people will finally turn against what’s been happening and put a stop to it.

  4. I like the movie and book reviews and critiques. You have read so many books that I am unaware of, and the same with movies, especially the classic ones. And the Blog posts that are sarcastic are my favorites. The best way to defeat the arrogant enemy is by ridicule.

  5. It suddenly occurred to me that the problem may be not so much a case of ennui or burnout, but more the reverse, i.e., too much to keep up with, not enough time to hit all the usual news spots, let alone the recreational spots. I myself often feel rushed to keep up with everything — even though my whole “rush” happens with my posterior planted in my chair in front of the computer, with minimal time out to do nonessential things like eat, sleep, go food shopping (especially cat food), do laundry, clean the house, and so on. 🙁

    But I do like to come here to vent with friends about the nooze and read your satiric spins on it, and also to see what the latest is with Byron the Quokka and all the insanity in “Oy, Rodney” and Joe Collidge’s collidge. The hymns are good, too, although I must admit that some days are so busy (see above) that I can listen only to one stanza before rushing on to something else. And the occasional devotional is always refreshing.

    Okay, so my favorites are (not necessarily in this order) satiric takes on the nooze, quokka appearances, Joe Collidge, Violet Crepuscular and her gang, your tangles with WordPress 🙂 , and memory lane items. In other words, you have a great mix of the serious and flippant, the important and the frivolous, and most of all you have a great group of “regulars.” (ahem ahem) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 🙂 🙂

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