‘American Atheism, Vintage 1960’ (2014)

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I was 11 years old in 1960 and wasn’t allowed to stay up on Friday nights to watch The Twilight Zone. So every Saturday, Bobby across the street would tell me what I’d missed. And I have a very vivid memory of him telling me about this episode, Long Live Walter Jameson.

American Atheism, Vintage 1960

I thought it was a cool story at the time; but now, very many years later, now that I’ve finally seen it–good grief: we let this into our homes?

The story, written by Charles Beaumont, is nothing less than full-blown atheism. And yet it went down without so much as a raised eyebrow. Was America’s Christianity already on such shaky ground?

Given everything that happened later on in the Sixties, I think we have to say, Yeah, it was.

We have to be better stewards of our heritage.


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  1. I am unfamiliar with the story, but I am familiar with the times you talk about. I am quite a lot older than you, so I remember not only the time when things began to change for the worse noticeably, but I remember the time before that as very different. There were words that are so commonplace now that I could not even allow them to enter my mind back then.

  2. Much of the youth rebellion of the 1960’s was because Christianity seemed stale and “plastic.” I saw a Twilight Zone episode recently where a medical doctor who was praised by all his neighbors had built a bomb shelter for three. The neighbors would tease the doctor about his shelter, but one night when all there for the doctor’s birthday it was announced on the radio an attack was imminent. All the neighbors ran home, but soon were knocking down the doctor’s door to his shelter because he wouldn’t open it. It got really ugly, then the radio announced the threat was bogus.

    1. The mainstream churches did not weather the sixties well. More than a few compromised on the moral standards of the Bible and, IMO, have paid a dear price ever since.

    2. That hasn’t stopped them from compromising their moral standards–which has become habitual with them. They never met a Biblical standard that they wouldn’t compromise.

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