Name the Monster, Win a Prize

The Importance of 'Godzilla' Cannot Be Overstated

Welcome to the Incredible Shrinking Blog, where the viewership numbers go down every day and I can’t figure out why. I feel like I’ve tried everything.

But we received a comment from “Unknowable” last night, which seemed to point, like a compass needle, in a certain direction.

He cited “incredibly huge forces at work” making a mess of our world. I don’t know: Satan is always with us. So is original sin. And there are a lot of things going haywire, he observed–just like this blog. He put it down to 1) the restrictions imposed on us all, in the name of protecting us from the Chinese Death Virus; 2) the constant spectacle of riots all over the place–which I say has got to get people thinking, “When’s this going to happen here, where I live?” ; and the unending “political soap opera” (great word for it!), which has begun to resemble an un-funny Roadrunner cartoon.

I would add that we also have a multitude of very rich, very powerful, exceedingly wicked people hard at work doing bad things. They are trying to impose some kind of totalitarian regime on us. I don’t know why. What does that do for them? They’re already rich beyond ordinary people’s wildest fantasies: they can get anything they want. It’s very rare for any of them to suffer untoward consequences for the evil that they do: if Jeffrey Epstein had only been just a little more careful and circumspect in his dealings, he’d probably still be sitting fat and sassy on Pedophile Island.

What do these people want that they don’t already have? Why do they have such a lust to bring us under–like they can’t sleep at night, knowing that we still have some freedom that they haven’t wrested away from us yet? What do they crave in a Joe Biden parody of a presidency, that they’re willing to tear down the whole country to get it?

I can’t even begin to understand what makes them tick.

And because most of us want to live our normal lives of family, work, religion, and such fun as we can find… we’ve let these slimy evil people take over our institutions and turn them against us–with our own tax dollars that we worked for, no less! Even now, many people don’t realize how dangerous a time this is, how desperate the leftids are to erase our republic. Millions of people who are not evil, but who knows what they use for brains, will vote for Democrats in this looming election.

And those who have sensed the lion at the water-hole–well, the suspense is killing us.

So, yeah, American life is very badly unsettled just now.

As for the people whom we’re up against: Don’t try to understand them; just defeat them. Beat them down so small, they’ll never be heard from again.

8 comments on “Name the Monster, Win a Prize

  1. It has to be getting to people. Yesterday, I stopped by the office, which has been all but empty for 6 months. We can’t get things done, because some of our vendors are not fully operational. Changes to our Internet or telephone service are hindered. In some cases, getting technicians fro these providers to visit is all but impossible. Everything is now by appointment, because no one is actually at the office during business hours. Wildlife has caused problems, because with no human activity, they are more likely to damage the facility. Occasionally, someone will leave a car in the parking lot, figuring that they can use it as they see fit, so long as no one is around.

    It occurred to me that the response to COVID 19 is the perfect way to disrupt society. Is it Satanic, wicked humans, or just the natural course of events? I don’t claim to know, but I know that this is massive.

  2. The diminished viewership might have something to do with your blog being unapologetically Christian, because Christianity is the real enemy of the Left. How would you know your blog is not being sabotaged? You don’t. May God bless this Blog and multiply the subscribers ten-fold. I would name the monster “Deep State Dragon.”

  3. The Powers That Be think a New World Order will bring about a utopia on earth. Utopianism is also at the root of Marxism and Communism. The seeds were sown by Enlightenment philosophers, though there has always been a desire within man to return to Eden. The problem is they want to do so without God and it never works out. Someone once said all man-man utopias are Satanic. This is true, and it is ultimately the source of what is driving leftists\globalists\democrats (they’re all the same at this point) to do the things they do.

    1. That is the whole problem. We all want Eden, but we can’t have it until God’s time. The restoration of Israel and the volatility of the world lead me to lean towards the conclusion that these are significant times, but no man knows the day or hour.

      No matter what, God’s plans and purposes are being fulfilled. If you look at the book of Genesis, it’s obvious. Creation, the Fall, Sin increases, the Flood, Babel, Abraham and the origin of the Line of the Messiah. Everything that has happened since, including the diaspora of the Jewish people in 70, are predicted and are evidence of God’s hand in matters.

      Whatever it is that we’re seeing today, we can be certain that God’s plans are not interrupted.

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