A Terribly Cute Little Dog

His name is Norbert and he only weighs three pounds. That is, he’s a little bigger than a hamster. But who can resist a face like that?

Here he is playing a game with his blanket, with someone’s hand under it. Our cat Buster absolutely loved that game. But if he got carried away, your hand would be the loser for it.

8 comments on “A Terribly Cute Little Dog

  1. He certainly is a cutie. I once had a dog that looked very similar, and he was a “fight promoter” in the neighborhood. The next door dog was a big one of some kind, but this little tiny dog would round up
    several other neighborhood dogs and somehow get the whole group into a free for all, and then stand
    back and watch and laugh.

  2. My younger sister and I got a real kick out of it, and occasionally, so did my mother. The owner of the old dog next door didn’t find it terribly amusing though

    1. I’ve never had a tiny dog or a really big one. Sometimes I think it’d be nice to add a little dog to our household; but I’d feel guilty if the cats were mean to him.

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