Your Favorite Hymns (Continued)

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I just noticed that we’re now 50 items down the list of Your Favorite Hymns–which I think means it’s time to load up the wagon again. They’re not stopping us from posting hymns yet, and that’s how I like to start each blogging day.

The idea is to post hymns that readers want to hear. This is open to everyone here, even if you’re just a casual passer-by–and you can name as many hymns as you please (because nobody has just one favorite hymn!), and I’ll put them all on the list. And I’ll use ’em all, too.

One of the things we ought to do, as Christians living in an evil and distressing age, is sing louder! It really bugs the living daylights out of the devil, and it’s a good thing for us all to hear.

We’re getting censored here and censored there–but this shop is still open, the bad guys must’ve overlooked it. Walk right in and request a hymn! Or five hymns, if you want. Especially if you haven’t done it before. Yo, everybody, we’re making a statement here! Join the happy throng! Okay, okay, it’s a few thousand bodies short of being an official throng, but we’re working on it.

Keep goin’, Saint Paul–we’re right behind you.

6 comments on “Your Favorite Hymns (Continued)

  1. Can you please play an old hymn/chorus?
    The verse goes thus:

    “Be valiant, be strong.
    Resist the power of sin.
    The fight is long,
    The foe is srong,
    But you shall win.
    For through the power of Christ,
    The stronger than the strong
    You shall be more than conqueror
    Be valiant, be strong!

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