‘Flashback: Mondale on Taxes’ (2016)

We know Democrat bigwigs despise us–but the people who support them? Do they despise them, too? (Hint: yes) If you ever doubted it, here’s proof.

Flashback: Mondale on Taxes

Oh, those open mikes! One of them caught this gem from Walter Mondale, who had just been nominated to run for president and was looking down (both figuratively and literally) on a floorful of celebrating Democrats. And this is what he said:

“Look at ’em. We’re going to tax their ass off.”

They haven’t gotten better in the years since 1984.

We really would have to be crazy to hand the government over to Democrats.


6 comments on “‘Flashback: Mondale on Taxes’ (2016)

    1. Hint: they’ve ALL got mansions. And limos. And private jets. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as an honest liberal. If there is, he’s hanging out with Bigfoot.

  1. Reagan beat Mondale in one of the biggest landslides of all time. Trump would have done the same with Biden if it were not for the pandemic. Criticism of how terribly Trump has handled the pandemic is Biden’s strategy for winning the gold (he even accuses Trump of killing all the people who have died!). With the MSM, Hollywood, and Academia all screaming 24/7 that Trump is a liar and a racist it has now become a close race. Isn’t life a mystery?

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