A Cat and His Servant

I couldn’t resist this one. Cat wants to bring his toy up on the couch, but as soon as he does, the toy falls back to the floor.

Does the cat hop back down to get it? Surely you just! I mean, c’mon–what are humans for?

5 comments on “A Cat and His Servant

  1. Yeah, and I know a couple of dogs who consider me their servant. When the female wants out, she just comes, stands in front of me, looks right in my eyes, and when I ask what she wants, she runs for the door.

    1. My wife, my mother, a neighbor–all these different women really enjoyed whipping up salads for my iguana. He made it very clear he liked them. Well, we all want to be appreciated.

    2. IMHO, this speaks to something very fundamental to the place of humanity in the scheme of things. We are meant to care for these animals. It reaches to the core of our humanity.

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