Ferocious Cats Maul Home Invaders!

The fact that the home invaders are various insects in no way invalidates my headline.

My cats Robbie and Peep pretty much hate each other; but let a bug invade the home, and they instantly join forces.

Note the way “Marmalade” beseeches the moths to come down from the ceiling for a stand-up fight. My cat Henry always used to do that “Come down here, you coward!” bit–but no moth ever took him up on it.

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  1. Wow, while watching this, and enjoying it, I suddenly remembered a singer I love but hadn’t thought about for some time. (brain is going nuts on me). It is Rise Again by Dallas Holm. He has tons of good songs, and another is Here We Are. If you want to add these to the list, I think everybody would enjoy his great voice.

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