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There must be someone out there in computerland who can explain this to me.

Last night I checked my viewing stats: 261 views. We then watched a long movie. Two hours later, I checked the stats again: still 261 views. Not a single view added. But–!

Somehow a bunch of Likes and comments got added, without any more views. How could that happen? But it gets weirder than than. A lot of those comments were made by Tammy on a post that went up back on Oct. 1. Why were they re-running these?

I’m still losing 1,000 views a month, compared to last year and the first half of this year, and I still don’t know what’s going on. When I ask WordPress I just get a lot of techie lingo that might as well be Rongo-Rongo boards to me. I have asked for explanations in plain English, but haven’t gotten any.

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(In case you never heard of Rongo-Rongo: It comes from Easter Island, and no one knows how to read it.)

Anyway, I’m wondering if WordPress actually counts the views as they come in, or if there’s some kind of glitch they’re not telling us about–and it gives me a highly uneasy feeling about the elections coming up, in which “Vote by Mail!” is to play a major role. And probably a corrupt role, at that.

Which all leads to a bigger question: Does our hi-tech stuff still work? Really? Or are they only pretending it does?

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  1. That is indeed weird!!! It could be a matter of things like people who have their cookies turned off, or people viewing your posts through the WordPress reader… technology is totally flawed though!

  2. “Does our hi-tech stuff still work?” I watch British TV videos and use closed caption, but YouTube algorithms are gibberish. “He’s harmless” was translated as “hay’s armless.” How do deaf people cope? If I were deaf, I’d be ray sing ell.

  3. People can “like” posts from their Reader feed, without ever visiting your actual blog. It’s a way some people get traffic and potential followers to their own sites. They “like” post after post, knowing that the blog owners might check out their blog to see who it is that’s liking so many of their posts. Do that to hundreds of sites, and even if only a small fraction of site owners check them out, it’ll be worth it for them.

    You might want to get an external traffic counter for your side. A snippet of code gets embedded into your own blog – either invisible, or with a visible icon, counter, etc., and the data it collects is kept on a main site. You can then log into your account there, and view the information, or have it emailed to you. I’ve used Stat Counter on other blogs I’ve had, and they provide a LOT more information than WordPress. It is only traffic information, so it won’t tell you anything about follows – that’s an internal WordPress thing – but you’ll have a better idea of how many genuine hits your page is getting, where they are coming from (as in, not just a country, but town or city), how long they’ve stayed, how many pages they’ve viewed, and even IP addresses. How useful that information would be, is hard to say.

    1. Thanks for that, it might prove very useful indeed. I’ll ask my tech support guru, Jill, if we can get an external traffic counter.

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