Prayer Request: Erlene

Please join in prayer for Erlene’s son, Eric–who went to a clinic, accepted the flu vaccination that they offered him… and now has the flu. Erlene herself declined the flu shot and doesn’t have the flu.

O Lord our God! Please be swift to help and heal our sister Erlene’s son, Eric, who now has the flu because he let them give him a flu shot. We call upon your mercy and your might: in Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name: Amen.

9 comments on “Prayer Request: Erlene

  1. Good for you. That’s using your smarts. Eric has been disabled due to failed surgeries and other things for so long, that he is accustomed to accepting whatever doctors say. I think he is getting the picture now of what I have been telling him for so long. Also, he is giving me the names of any RX;s being prescribed, and letting me research all side effects and interactions. He has dumped several meds, but now this.

  2. Erlene, you and all your family are always in my prayers, and I’ll add some extra prayers tonight for Eric.

    When I was in the Air Force, we had to take the flu shot every year. And every year I came down with the flu within a day or two of taking the shot. Once I left active duty, I never took another flu shot again.

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