For Erlene: ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

Our friend Erlene was under the weather two days ago and I was worried for her; but she’s somewhat better now–and WordPress has not allowed her to post comments. We are still working on this problem!

Meanwhile, we have this–for her, and all the rest of us–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, sung by Mrs. Carroll Roberson, Donna.

Why We Are Here

The Apocalypse (TV Movie 2000) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

St. John, as played by Richard Harris

I like to think of this blog as a kind of community; but I know it’s a community in which different interpretations of the Bible, especially regarding “end times,” abound.

But the point I want to make is that we are all here. And what are we doing here, with our comments, Bible verses, and various other writings? What are we doing here?

Working. We are all working to serve Christ’s Kingdom. That is what we have in common, in spite of our differing opinions. We belong to different churches, we come from different Christian traditions, we have different experiences… but we are all here, all working as we can in the service of our Savior and our King. How He makes use of us, and how He makes use of our work, is very much up to Him.

So I put my head down and keep on working, as best I can. I think all or most of us are doing that. Some of my work takes the form of writing fantasy novels. So be it: that’s what I do. In the end God will make it all clear. Until then, we work… in His service.

Look What Mike Has Done!


Our friend and esteemed colleague “ElderMike” carved this graceful image of a Diplodocus, with eggs and a baby. I don’t think Charles R. Knight himself could do a better job of it (he sculpted in clay, not wood).

As someone who couldn’t do a work like this to save his life, I can only enjoy and admire it, and share it with the rest of you. It took Patty several days to figure out how to transfer the picture from e-mail to our blog’s Media page–no small achievement, that.

This really is beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you, Mike!

Prayer Request: Phoebe

I forgot to catch up on my email yesterday, so I missed Phoebe’s prayer request, until just now. I’m very sorry about that!

Our dear friend, sister in Christ, and esteemed colleague Phoebe needs our prayers: she’s fallen ill with a number of symptoms, all of them quite unpleasant. She’s had a rough time of it lately. I wish we could go to her and make her some soup.

Please, Lord, please! Now it’s your faithful servant Phoebe who’s sick and needs your help–please, Father, deliver her out of trouble! Please, Father, heal her. O Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on your servant, and heal her.

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Quokka wishes happy birthday to you Quokkas' Sticker | Spreadshirt

Things get so confusing around here! Joshua’s birthday almost came and went–good thing we had someone up in the crows’ next.

Can we get Joshua to sing for his birthday?

Nope, can’t do it. So we have an instrumental with brother Jeremy, To God Be the Glory

Well, Joshua is 21 years old today, and we thank him and Jeremy for all the wonderful hymns they play for us throughout the year. Happy birthday, Joshua!

Let’s Have a Porch Party

Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 800 lb Roll Back Outdoor Porch Glider –

The weather’s getting nice–what say we have a back porch party? We haven’t gotten together since Christmas. All right, I just remembered I had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. But who says you can have too many parties?

Granted, my back porch is an imaginary back porch; but sometimes that’s the best kind. You never run out of room, and the imaginary caterer never runs out of goodies. Plus you can bring imaginary treats of your own.

So we’ll have cake, cold cuts, hot dogs and grilled hamburgers,cigars, beer, soda, and some of that golden wine from Durmurot. We’ll sing, swap stories and jokes, and play board games–Monopoly, Clue, we’ve got ’em all–and horseshoes and tetherball for those who feel frisky. And Mad Libs!

You’re all invited, and I’ve also invited Norbert and the singing cockatiel. Robbie and Peep will be there, if I can coax them out from under the bed: they’re shy. And don’t worry about the weather: we have a limitless supply of imaginary weather.

Come one, come all–and you can leave the face masks behind.

Birthday Greetings: Jeremy

Yes, yes, I know we’re late, this should’ve been done on Saturday, when it actually was Jeremy’s  birthday–so we’re two days late. I, Byron the Quokka, disclaim all responsibility for this error: it was entirely Lee’s fault, 100% he’s to blame, not me, etc., etc.

And so we bring you Jeremy and his brother, Joshua, with an instrumental of How Great Thou Art. Let the truth be known: we love these guys, these Swanson brothers.

I made this list, see, with all the birthdays on it–crikey, why didn’t he check the list?

Happy birthday, Jeremy! Keep the music coming.

Birthday Greetings: Joshua

Happy Happiest Birthday Quokka Card |

G’day! On behalf of the whole faculty and student body at Quokka University, I, Byron the Quokka, present Birthday Greetings to our esteemed colleague Joshua!

Y’know, here on Rottnest Island, we all turn out for Joshua’s birthday. It’s too bad no one thought to film the parade we had. That was to celebrate Joshua’s translating Bell Mountain into Japanese! Now a lot of us quokkas are learning Japanese so we can read it! Sure, we’ve already read it in English–but it’s bound to be just as cool in Japanese.

This afternoon we will have a special Pick-up Sticks match in Joshua’s honor.

Public Notice to All Readers: We’d love to celebrate your birthday, too. Just tell us when it is and we’ll put it on the list. This isn’t just a blog: it’s a fellowship, and that means birthdays are important.

Birthday Greetings to Ina

World's happiest animal', the quokka, becomes the most popular tourist  attraction at Australia's Rottnest Island

Woohoo! We’re whooping it up today, because today is Ina’s birthday–and not only that, but she has a Christmas carol today, too, in our carol contest.

G’day, Byron the Quokka here with birthday greetings to Ina, on behalf of all the rest of us around the world. That’s cool–you can get happy birthday wishes from people (and quokkas) in all these different countries. Where the deer and the canteloupe play, as we say on Rotnest Island.

So happy birthday, Ina, from the whole mob of us!

Two Birthdays! Patty and ‘Weavingword’

See the source image

Birthdays are important, and we shouldn’t stop celebrating them just because we aren’t children anymore.

Today it’s my wife, Patty, and our esteemed colleague, Allison, whom most of us know as ‘Weavingword’–these are the birthday girls today. Two on the same day. I wish we had a chorus line of quokkas.

Kindred spirits are a gift of God. Of course we celebrate their birthdays! I only wish we had more of them on the list.

If you’d like your birthday celebrated here, please just let us know.