Another Insane Treaty We Have to be Protected From

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Well, here’s another reason why we need Donald Trump in the White House: to protect us from the “Istanbul Convention.”

This is supposed to protect women and Cherished Minorities from “violence”–words don’t always mean what you think they mean, when liberals use them–but it is not selling well in Eastern Europe. Poland, in fact, is thinking of withdrawing from the treaty and replacing it with a “family rights convention” (

The following countries have never ratified the Istanbul Convention : Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Why not?

The nub of the problem lies in these few words at the heart of the convention: gender is explicitly defined as “socially constructed roles,” etc. “Constructed” means “not real.” Whatever has been “constructed” can also be de-constructed or re-constructed… depending on which group of sinners has the power to force its views on others.

They were hoping to get all of Europe signed up for it, but even so they had to wait for 2019 for the European Union to sign.

Now supporters of the pact offer a raft of disclaimers–no, we’re not trying to re-engineer your society, we’re not trying to suppress religion, we’re not trying to expand “LGBT rights,” and so on. You can believe these disclaimers if you want; but they are convicted out of their own mouths with that “socially constructed” crack.

Remember how *President Batteries Not Included got us involved in the Paris Climate Accords without submitting it to the Senate for ratification? You know Far Left Crazy is just itching to do the same with the Istanbul Convention.

Wait’ll you see the kinds of things you can be thrown in jail for, after Democrats have run down the country for a few years.

Fight for President Trump as he has fought for us.

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  1. Back in the 1980s, it was widely known that academia had abandoned the very concept of “objective truth.” The book, The Closing of the American Mind was one account of what had happened to our nation’s academic foundation and it has only gotten worse!

    We already have pretty much what is “threatened” especially in Europe if you look at the fate of those who question the Jewish “holocaust.” And we see in this country and Canada, people being fired for condemning and even questioning the actions of left wing groups like ANTIFA and BLM. It will only get worse if it isn’t stopped.

    Problem is CAN IT BE STOPPED? The Deep State refuses to allow Donald Trump to be re-elected. I see some hopeful signs that the MASSIVE voter fraud that led to the “election” of Pedo Joe Biden is not being allowed to simply “go away.” I don’t hold out much hope unless there is Divine Intervention. HOWEVER, if God DOES intervene, we good people better stop being so apathetic about the evil around us and hold up our end of the bargain! As Edmund Burke said, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

    1. Questioning a proved historical fact, the Holocaust, is not the same as questioning made-up blather like “There never was a kingdom of Israel or Judah.”

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