When a Parrot Was a Witness in a Murder Case

Parrot Witnesses Murder — May Have Something to Say

“Could you please repeat that question, counselor?”

In 2015 a woman in Michigan shot and killed her husband, then shot herself in a failed suicide attempt.

The whole thing was witnessed by Bud, their pet African Gray parrot (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40665520), who functioned as a feathered tape recorder and imitated both parties to the confrontation. He re-enacted the murder.

The police took the parrot’s re-enactment seriously and the woman was convicted. But Bud’s testimony wasn’t used in court, they had to find other evidence–which they did.

Well, how could the judge allow a parrot to take the witness stand? Really–do you swear him in? Does the defense get to cross-examine? Any risk of perjury? No, no, the judge just couldn’t see his way to allowing it. Nevertheless, the parrot did play a key role in the investigation.

Now I wonder how many parrots voted Democrat in this year’s presidential election.

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