Felines in a Fix

Poor Missy! She got herself stuck in the handle of a plastic bag one night and rocketed all over the place before I could rescue her. But that’s a thing cats do: get stuck.

But what I really want to know is how that one cat got inside the dollhouse and then couldn’t get out. At first glance the whole scenario looks impossible. But that’s another thing that cats are good at.

2 comments on “Felines in a Fix

  1. I feel sorry for them, when something like this happens. They simply don’t understand. I am always struck by the innocence of animals. My dad taught me that. I remember being at a magazine stand and there were a picture of a fierce grizzly bear on a magazine cover. He used it as an opportunity to explain that as fearsome as a grizzly is, at heart he is no less innocent that a house cat. I sure miss my dad.

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