Conversations with Your Cat

Do you talk to your cat? Does he talk back?

I’m convinced cats understand a lot of what you say to them. I think of our cat, Henry, arguing with me back and forth over possession of the pieces in my Strat-O-Matic Baseball game. He objected vigorously to my not letting him have the little plastic baserunners.

And I once said to Buster, while he was perched on a cabinet and looking out the window, “Y’know, your sister’s put on too much weight. Why don’t you chase her up the stairs?” And that’s exactly what he did.

I rest my case.

3 comments on “Conversations with Your Cat

  1. Snowball enjoys sleeping on my bed and tells me her opinions on my attempt to go to bed after 9pm. She also informs me when it’s time for her to go out, usually around one or two in the morning. Then an hour or two later, she’ll scratch on my bedroom window telling me her desire to go back inside.

  2. My cat is a pretty good talker. She will greet me if I come into the room. The cat I had before her was amazing. She could express a wide range in her squeaks and meows.

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