Dems: Feinstein Too Old to Lead Senate Judiciary Committee

In Past Years, Feinstein, Schumer Said Nominee's Judicial Record Most  Important

One of those painful conversations

Senate Minority leader Chuck “Peter Pan” Schumer has taken away Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s  leadership spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee, citing her diminishing mental capacity–due, apparently, to her age, 87 (

“Anyone who has tried to take the car keys away from an elderly relation knows how hard it can be.” Schumer himself is a pink-cheeked youth of 70. He doesn’t even shave yet.

Reportedly Schumer has had “painful conversations” with Feinstein over her role in the Senate; but she “seemed to forget about the conversations soon after they talked.”

Okay, cool–Feinstein has to be put on the shelf because she’s getting ga-ga. But meanwhile, back in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 80, is still as sharp as a tack–right? She’s part of the Democrats’ Kiddie Corps. Or “Kiddie Corpse,” as the forever-young and sprightly Barack “Fountain of Youth” Obama would say.

And alleged President Joe Biden, who actually died in 2017, he’s just about the youngest, perkiest 78 you ever saw! Nothing wrong with his … you know… the thing.

By the way, the Far, Far Left faction among the Dems was “enraged” at Feinstein for not being hard enough on Amy Barret in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Well, they’re not going to kick her off the judiciary committee for that–it wouldn’t look right. Heh-heh.

But Biden’s all right, hell, yeah. And if you don’t think so, as he advised voters in the primaries, “You can always go for the other Biden.”

We are told 80 million people, who are now nowhere to be found, voted for this.


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  1. Wow, so Diane is the same age as I am. Ha! I know I’m not as sharp as I was just a short time ago, so I
    can imagine how difficult it must be trying to keep up with “all that jazz” that goes on around her. Be merciful and let her go. Only problem is, Chuckie is not in a position to judge.

  2. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Even as a pup in my mid 60s, I realize that one becomes less sharp with time, but the wisdom one gains by worshiping the One True God never leaves us. Admittedly, the Dems look like actors in a an ad for an Alzheimer’s care facility, but the true problem is their lack of rooting in any meaningful standards.

    1. In Hebrews 6:19, Paul said that the hope before as serves as an anchor. I have read that early Christians used the anchor as a symbol. Having an absolute standard of truth is necessary in order for us to be capable of reasoning effectively. So indeed, many of these people were foolish from day one. This is quickly shaping up as a conflict between persons of faith and persons with no functioning faith.

  3. So very true, unknowable2. I couldn’t agree more. The only part of my memory that is still intact is the Scripture. I thank God that I haven’t lost that yet, and can still teach when called upon. As for the junk
    the congress puts out, I couldn’t care less, except that I pray for God’s will to be done.

    1. You are definitely sharp, when it comes to scripture, and greatly appreciated.

      If these most recent political developments stand, I believe that we are at the start of the Great Tribulation. IMO, prophetically speaking, I don’t think we are there yet. Specifically, I don’t think that the current regathering of Israel is yet adequate to meet what is prophesied in Jeremiah 16. So I pray that our freedoms will be preserved and I pray for the prosperity of the US, and the world. I am concerned about the many Christians in China, Iran, and other places where they are struggling to worship while remaining out of sight. There are bad-actor nations all around, and I would love to see things change for the better, in these places. Also, there are dispersed Israelites, still, whom need to be repatriated according to my understanding of the prophecies. This is not simply to bless them, but also a matter of judgment.

      So, IMHO, we are not quite at the point of the Tribulation, but I write this knowing that I could be completely wrong about this. This is an opinion on scripture, and not something I am trying to force down anyone’s throat as a teaching.

    2. The sheer size of the worldwide Swamp, the sheer scale of its crimes, make it hard for some people to believe in. Stealing America’s election is only a part of it–along with a mob of ruling class members selling out to Red China, using our education system to brainwash whole generations of our children, and using the apparatus of government to makes themselves richer and us poorer, themselves more powerful and us more powerless.

      But I firmly believe that if the Democrats ultimately fail in this caper, and Donald Trump is returned to the White House where he belongs, the Dems and their organ grinders’ monkeys in the nooze media will lose… everything!

    3. unknowable2, I also believe we are living in the last days and I have said before that the tribulation was near. However, lately I’ve come to see that God is about to do a new thing that most of us never saw coming. He’s going to put a pause on the tribulation countdown so His harvest can begin. I don’t think it’s the Anti-Christ’s time yet, it’s God’s time. To accomplish that, He’s going to defeat this globalist New World Order agenda that has gripped our world. Trump winning re-election despite all odds will be the start of that, and I’m expecting something BIG to happen soon, possibly before Christmas. All I can say is keep watching these next few weeks. Whose standing in the Oval Office on January 20th will be an indicator of where we are headed. If Biden were to win the tribulation will come much sooner. If Trump wins it’s going to change the whole dynamics and we will get a respite, possibly lasting decades. Personally, my bet is still on Trump.

    4. Have you been reading my mind? 🙂

      I think along similar lines. I am very eschatological in my thinking, but I also realize that God is not going to reveal His timeline, to me, or anyone else. However, Jesus told us to be on the watch and told us what the milestones would be. One thing I have noticed is that there is an increase in bible knowledge. I expect to see more of this, in part because computers and search engines have made in-depth bible study a lot easier. People are casting a fresh look at human traditions woven into some religions and taking exception to these. I believe that God’s in-gathering will involve revelations of Bible truth to a much greater degree, so that Christ’s followers will be able to work together, without divisions. Concurrently, I think that God will continue to regather Israel and will work to refine these people.

      My sense is that if Biden is installed, the last bulwark of religious freedom will be gone and the Tribulation will quickly follow. If the exposure of corruption continues, I could see new life breathed into the free world and, as you say, the effects could last for decades.

  4. AMEN. I do believe we are experiencing the “beginning of birth pangs” but anti semitism increasing, anti Christian as well, we can be sure it will only get worse. I have been prompted to pray for Poland, parts of Europe where persecution is increasing, and Jews are trying desperately to find ways to make aliyah, so that is a heads up for me.

    1. Very true. I was raised to believe in Replacement Theology, but had some reservations regarding that teaching. I had a crisis of faith, some years back, and literally prayed to God and asked Him; “what now?” Immediately, the words of a friend came to mind, when he had tole me that Israel was the only nation in history to cease existing, for an extended period of time, and then come back into existence. He had also told me about Zechariah 12:3, and how Jerusalem would become a burden to all nations.

      At that point, I began to research Zechariah and then Ezekiel, eventually expanding my research significantly, and I came to the conclusion that the restoration of Israel was real, and had happened in recent history, culmination with becoming a nation in one day, in 1948. Since accepting that, I feel that my understanding of Bible context has improved greatly. I feel better about my faith, because I can see an uninterrupted line from creation, to the fall, to the Flood, to Babel, to Abraham, to Christ, to the Last Days. I have shared this with any number of people I know, and have experienced some very positive responses. Israel was the common thread which wove the Bible into a congruent account, instead of some hodge-podge of historical events which served as little more than morality tales when removed from their contextual significance.

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