Now It’s 18 States–Plus Texas

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When I went to bed last night it was 17 more states, and Arizona came aboard this morning–so now we have 18 states supporting Texas’ federal lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia for illegally changing their election laws.

The 18 states joining in with Texas are Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Arizona ( Ignore the “expert” tapped by CBS Nooze who sez the Supreme Court will never allow the bogus election  results to be overturned. They’re still pretending that it was real: and that some 80 million people, since rendered invisible, voted for Doddering Joe and his Democrat Far Left Fun Pack.

The Constitution gives the state legislatures the authority to make state election laws–not governors, judges, or secretaries of state. The lawsuit points out that the four defendant states ignored some election laws and changed others without the say-so of the legislature.

And why did they do that?

Because it was a key part of the Democrats’ 2020 Cheat-a-Thon! Part of stealing the election. Those four states have Republican legislatures, so the Democrat governors, judges, and secretaries of state never consulted the legislatures.

In New Jersey, shortly before the election, the Democrat governor issued an executive order “mandating” mail-in voting. The Trump campaign sued. The Democrat legislature acted quickly to enact legislation that was exactly what the governor wanted–because they had to! They realized the governor had no authority to change the state’s election laws.

The suit charges the states with exploiting the COVID-19 panic to justify last-minute changes to the election laws. It does not address the already massive mountain of evidence of actual fraud–phony ballots, overvotes, etc., etc.–the usual Democrat bag of dirty tricks.

Because it involves states vs. states, the suit will go directly to the Supreme Court–who will then have to decide whether our laws and constitution mean anything or can just be ignored whenever there’s a panic or a riot.

12 comments on “Now It’s 18 States–Plus Texas

  1. This will prove once and for all if we have a constitution or not. If they will not hear the case I would say we no longer have one.

  2. I really like this lawsuit. It’s a pure Constitutional argument that isn’t reliant upon proof of evidence. If the SC does their job and goes by the Constitution then it should be a win. If not, well, it would be disappointing but I won’t be deterred. Ultimately, my hope is not in the SC, it’s in God.

    1. I don’t think that this can be swept under the rug. There are a lot of people that felt that they were cheated in this election and they have to right to have their concerns taken seriously. If they sweep this under the rug, the nation as a whole would be badly damaged.

    2. It’s so simple. Did these states change their election laws without their legislature, or didn’t they? Obviously they did, and that is illegal.
      Any finding other than “guilty” would be an intolerable betrayal.

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