Baby Goats Galore

When I was a little boy, all I knew about goats was they ate tin cans and wanted to butt you in the butt. That’s life in the suburbs.

Now I’ve seen all these cute ‘n’ cuddly baby goat videos, and I know better. Are they irresistible or what?

4 comments on “Baby Goats Galore

  1. they are very cute, indeed. Cuddly? Well, not so much, at least the ones my son raises. There is one
    mature female in his herd that likes to be touched and petted. The others are only interested in being fed.

    1. I expect that if you only had one goat, it would bond with you stead of other goats. Most animals respond to love and attention. Jean-Pierre Hallet once tamed an adult rhinoceros to prove it.

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