My Cyber-Christmas Party

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If you, like me, are used to family gatherings for Christmas–but most of your family, like mine, has either died off or moved far away–you can wind up feeling a little lonely. I don’t know what to do about that, other than to resort to the imagination.

And so this lovely house that you see in the Thomas Kinkade painting above is now my house, for the time being; and it’s open to all of you for a Christmas celebration–with carol-singing, some virtuoso on my new harpsichord, beer from the finest micro-breweries, and the best Christmas sermons and prayers that we can find on video. We have to celebrate: Jesus Christ is born!

We’ll play games, too.

So come on over! The gates of the imagination are always open. We’ll post your comments and your hymn requests–wouldn’t it be a blast, these next few days leading to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to hear from… well, everybody? Sharing Christmas cheer, greetings, and best wishes.

We’ll try to post a photo of our Christmas tree, after we put it up and trim it; but if our technology isn’t up to the challenge, there’s still the imagination.

And the real stuff of Christmas, the parts that really matter–we don’t have to imagine those, do we?

14 comments on “My Cyber-Christmas Party

  1. Thank you for the kind invitation. My family, too, is mostly gone or in a far part of the country now. My imagination is great, though, and my memories of some things will never fade.

  2. Caramel popcorn? And does anyone have a good recipe for eggnog?

    Lee, what have you played on your new harpsichord? And where did you get the harpsichord? How exciting!

    1. Oh, well in that case I’d like to request some Handel music. And maybe some Hasse, if you can find the imaginary sheet music. 🙂 Will Byron be attending the party?

  3. I’m wrapping presents for everyone. You should see some of the fancy bows!

    For the cats, the presents are empty boxes, which is what they like best. The treats don’t get wrapped, just set out in bowls. Wrappings around treats wouldn’t last long anyway. 🙂

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