Birthday Greetings: Phoebe

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G’day! You’re all knocked out from that party yesterday, I see. Movin’ kinda slow!

Well, rise and shine, mates: because today is Phoebe’s birthday and we want to make a big splash over it!

Byron the Quokka here, to present your birthday greetings to Phoebe–as Willis Twombley would say, We love you, Ol’ Hoss! Actually we really do. Don’t think you can ever come to Rottnest Island and get away without being named to the faculty at Quokka University. And did I mention we already have a Dr. Phoebe Hall? Our pickup stix team practices there.

Make sure you enjoy yourself today!

10 comments on “Birthday Greetings: Phoebe

  1. Oh, thank you, Byron! I’d love to teach at Quokka U. — but then again, what could I possibly teach to quokkas that they don’t already know? 🙂

    Lee, I almost wish my birthday had been the day before Christmas instead of the day after it, so I could have shared at our party all the birthday treats friends brought me at church this morning: a foot-long nut roll (yummy!), four different kinds of cookies, half a dozen pizzelle, half a dozen biscotti, and a partridge in a pear tree. No, I made up the part about the partridge, although maybe a partridge or two could help me eat all that food.

  2. Thank you to all the wonderful people (and quokkas) who’ve wished me a happy birthday, and to those who may check in later. You’ve made my life a blessing, not just today but for the whole time I’ve known you. And Lee, thank you for bringing us all together.

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