Sure-Fire Unexplained Lottery Paranormal Bombshell!!!

Is that the most compelling headline I’ve ever written, or what? Actually, all I’ve got here is some cats trying to get better acquainted with fish tanks.

It’s probably not the wisest thing you could do, tempting your cat with a tankful of irresistible fish. How’s he supposed to leave that alone? The same goes for a tankful of baby lizards.

2 comments on “Sure-Fire Unexplained Lottery Paranormal Bombshell!!!

  1. The people laughing at the mishaps of that last cat WILL PAY. One must never laugh at a cat’s mishaps.

    There are some beautiful aquariums in this video — and some even more beautiful cats.

    (Note: This comment may be a duplicate. WordPress did something weird with my last attempt to post it, so I don’t know whether it was permanently lost or only misplaced temporarily.)

    1. I’m only seeing one copy of it here.

      My cat Henry had no interest in the aquarium in which our mice lived. He had eyes only for the tankful of newly-hatched fence lizards.

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