Do Your Pets Like Popcorn?

These videos were all supposed to be about dogs and cats and popcorn. Some of them contain no popcorn at all. If Tiberius were still emperor, heads would roll for this.

2 comments on “Do Your Pets Like Popcorn?

  1. The Aussies in this house will eat anything they see people eating. In fact, they will grab it out of your hand if you don’t watch out. They beg for apples, grapes, oranges…anything. We seldom eat popcorn (I can’t because of my teeth), but when they do see it, they want it. They even want hot, spicy food.

    1. I once had a cat like that – a big Red Persian. We used to say he would eat anything that didn’t eat him first. We also speculated about renting him out as a garbage disposal unit. He once ran off with an entire corn on the cob in his mouth (I don’t know how he proposed to eat it), and another time he stole an entire eye round roast, although I was able to catch him just as he hit the floor with it. (I’m embarrassed to admit that I rinsed off the roast and ate it anyway. I gave him a few scraps, though, while I was eating it.) The only food he didn’t like was lettuce. He loved string beans, though, either raw or cooked.

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