‘Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?’ (2016)

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You just know this invention has a brilliant future!

Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?

You put the little cap on, see–the one with the electrodes in it–and they can extract all kinds of information out of your mind. And maybe, someday, they’ll be able to put things in! Now they can take things out; tomorrow they can put things in.

We need rescuing from sin and folly. Satan plays the tune on his hornpipe, and we’re dancing off the cliff.

3 comments on “‘Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?’ (2016)

  1. Haven’t they already begun? I’m thinking of the personal information gathered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other Big Tech companies (all in symbiotic relationships with the government, by the way) — not just contact and banking info, but also personal preferences, tastes, reading habits, shopping habits, travels, connections with other people, and everything else about our private lives. From all the things we do, say, buy, read, and show an interest in, they can put together a pretty good picture of what’s inside our brains.

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