Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?

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Well, according to this news report ( ), it’s true: hackers can get inside your head and get at all kinds of stuff that you would rather keep secret, from your PIN number to your sexual temptations.

The catch is, in order for them to hack your brain, you have to help them out by putting on some kind of “wearable,” or a cap with electrodes. You can get one of these–it’s used by video gamers who are too lazy to manipulate a mouse or a joystick–for just $300: “to control games.”

But the real game is on you, kimosabe, and you’re the pawn.

In the meantime, “ye shall be as gods,” just like the Serpent in the Garden promised.

Well… some more than others. It depends on who’s at what end of the electrodes.

4 comments on “Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?

  1. Won’t they be disappointed when they hack into the brains of Common Core graduates and discover that they are all empty AIRHEADS?

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