Scurveyshire Overrun by Monsters! (‘Oy, Rodney’)

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Is it possible that Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney, is crashing to an end? And after only 398 chapters, no less!

Introducing Chapter CCCXCIX–and we are unsure whether she will finish it–Ms. Crepuscular admits that Scurveyshire is now overrun with hideous, horrible monsters and if everybody gets eaten–or absorbed by giant amoebas–there won’t be anything to write about.

“Well, dear reader, I promised you nonstop action and well-nigh unendurable suspense!” she writes. “It is as if I were writing in letters of fire!” We will not go that far.

The latest casualty for Scurveyshire is the bearded barmaid at The Lying Tart, lassoed and devoured by a micro-organism grown to the size of a stagecoach when she goes outside to water down a keg of ale. A nearby pond has always served that purpose.

At his wits’ end, Lord Jeremy Coldsore appeals directly to Ms. Crepuscular.

“You wrote us into this mess,” he cries, “and now you’d jolly well better write us out of it!” This is what comes of fooling around with magical camping lanterns bought on eBay. It could be worse. They had a dybbuk box for sale, too. As one prospective buyer noted, “I want the paranormal in my home!” He should move to Scurveyshire.

“If I end the chapter here,” soliloquizes Ms. Crepuscular, “would that count as finishing the chapter–and would it break the spell?” Is she asking me? You? I mean, how should any of us know?

“Here ends Chapter CCCXCIX!” she proclaims, writing in letters of ink.

We’ll have to wait till next week to see if it works.

11 comments on “Scurveyshire Overrun by Monsters! (‘Oy, Rodney’)

  1. Some authors (not to mention bloggers!) will do anything to terminate an interminable novel! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think the monsters should be rounded up and forced to write the final chapter(s). If they refuse, bombard them with toothpaste rolls and play-doh pizzas.

    1. A.R., I think we just got some monsters ex machina. 🙂 That’s how things go in Scurveyshire.

  2. I always look forward to “Oy, Rodney” (especially, as you know, Constable Chumley), as well as Joe Collidge. Oh, and Byron the Quokka, of course. And Norbert. And the hymns. And the fellowship. And…. Well, gee, I guess I just like everything about this blog.

  3. One thing I admire about Violet, is her consistency. she is consistently inconsistent, at all times. (Anyone that has ever programmed a piece of Cisco equipment will find that statement uproariously funny.)

    1. It’s amazing that it didn’t turn him towards evil. Cisco routers are necessary, and I love them, but they are like dealing with a herd of angry crocodiles, at times. (Few know that crocodiles have herds.) 🙂

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