Who Pulled the Plug?

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It’s already 10:30 and I still can’t get untracked. I feel like a deflated balloon.

Our country is about to go under the yoke of what is, in effect, a crime syndicate with ties to Red China. One gets to the point where words can’t say what is crying out to be said. Really, where do you even begin? They stole our election. And it looks like they’ve gotten away with it, so probably it’s time for them to activate Phase Two of turning America into a Third World socialist basket case with criminals roaming the streets and lots of normal people in jail for using the wrong pronouns.

All the worldly institutions we put our trust in–elections, courts, legislatures, laws–they’ve all failed us. The only leader who was on our side was Donald Trump, and they’re destroying him. And how about that AG Barr killing the clock with his interminable “investigations” which went precisely nowhere?

We have nothing left but our prayers.

There is no one left to fight for us but God.

And we have to wonder–will He?

4 comments on “Who Pulled the Plug?

  1. Just before Our Lord ascended to Heaven, his disciples were still asking Him when He was going to defeat the Romans and restore the nation. Scripture doesn’t actually say that He rolled His eyes, but it surely sounds as though He wanted to: “Do you still not understand?” Maybe He has a different kind of victory in mind for us, too, one that some of us may not see in our lifetimes. Who knows? (Well, He does, but I mean among us.)

    Or then again, maybe He’ll send us some Maccabees.

  2. Mike Lindale recently went to the White House with proof-positive that China, Iran, and other countries hacked our voting machines. What does Trump do with this information? We have 25,000 troops in D.C, days before the Inauguration to protect Biden from people who believe in law and order – even prisons are being put on lockdown. Does the paranoid insanity get any worse than this? True patriotic Christians are like the Hebrews before the Red Sea and Pharaoh and his army coming up behind us. Can God intervene and save us? It would be the simplest thing in the world for Him to do it.

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