‘Justice’ Dept. Wants to Stop Arizona Ballot Audit

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After several lawsuits were shot down in court, Democrats suing to stop the audit of 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in the 2020 election, Far Left activists have handed off to the so-called Biden “Justice” Dept. (https://www.businessinsider.com/us-justice-department-expresses-concerns-over-arizona-election-audit-2021-5).

Biden allegedly “won” Maricopa County by some 45,000 votes and the state of Arizona by 10,000. And if they think we believe that…

“Justice” is taking a new approach: now they have “concerns,” they say, that the audit might lead to “voter intimidation.” Especially of Minority voters.

In other words, trying to find out what really happened in that election… is Racist! Because everything is Racist, don’t you know.

Why don’t they just take out full-page ads in all the papers, and saturate the social media, and shout it from the housetops, “We are big fat crooks and boy, have we got something to hide” ?

This is not how honest people behave. This is how thieves and liars behave. And we resent their calculation that we’re too dumb to figure it out.

You stole the election, you swine. Everything you say and do proclaims it.

‘Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust’ (2018)

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Nothin’ here but Global Warmin’!

Where did all these fascists come from? Have we begotten them?

Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

They want to lock you up for not believing in their precious Man-Made Climate Change, which used to be called Global Warming.

And we put them back in power???

Well, in point of fact, we didn’t. The power that they have today, they stole.

And now they’re cranking up Climbit Change again. God defend us.

End O’ the World: Minorities ‘Hardest Hit’

Climate Change Is a Global Health Catastrophe | Opinion

Doomed! We’re doomed, I tell you!

Let’s see… I’ve finished writing my Newswithviews piece, how long will it take me to find another news item that’s simply appalling?

No time at all.

So we’ve got the stolen-election secretary of state, some guy named Blinken, babbling about Climbit Change and how “black and brown” people will be the “hardest hit” by its catastrophic floods and storms and droughts, etc., etc (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/20/antony-blinken-addressing-climate-change-a-powerful-tool-against-systemic-racism/) Doesn’t this turkey realize he’s borrowing a line intended as a satire?

But see, he sez, “addressing the issue” of Climbit Change will be “one of the most powerful tools we have to fight inequity and systemic racism.”

Great Scott–what is that garbage supposed to mean? “Systemic racism” is mostly imaginary, which makes it an ideal add-on to Man-Made Climbit Change, which is also largely imaginary. Who can count the times its proponents have been caught lying and cheating? Which makes it a natural for a government that came to power by lying and cheating.

Let us depart with another alarming quote from this porch-climber:

Climbit Change gonna be a bitch to deal with, but “We’ll provide–” We’ll provide!–“our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods…”

Like what? Writing symphonies? Moving sand piles back and forth? “The government will find a job for you.” And that doesn’t make you afraid?

That 2020 election was like opening Pandora’s box, and all the ills and freaks and monsters came out of it–in this case, to impose themselves on us as a government.

O Lord our God, deliver us.

‘Are We Immoral (But They’re Not)?’ (2018)

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There wasn’t a day of Donald Trump’s presidency in which Democrats didn’t try to get him out of office. After four years, they finally managed it. And destroyed the integrity of our electoral process, maybe forever.

And there wasn’t a day of that four-year siege when they didn’t have some cockeyed “evangelicals” scolding the rest of us for supporting the one man who stood up to the Far Left and mostly stood alone. Like, we were “baaaad Christians” for supporting him.

Are We Immoral (but they’re not)?

I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. I voted for him again because he turned out to be the best president we ever had in my lifetime.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get our country back.

So Much Went So Wrong

This was a very hard book to review. Published in 2019, by the end of 2020 just about everything the author said turned out to be wrong–and yet it wasn’t his fault.


Sebastian Gorka did not foresee–and neither to anyone else–the upheavels of 2020: the COVID panic and the resulting shutdown of our national economy; last-minute monkeying with swing states’ election laws; mail-in voting, with no checks for the authenticity of ballots; all kinds of funny business with the voting machines–who could have anticipated any of it?

And so Donald Trump is out of office, Far Left Crazy has control of our entire government, and is doing as much damage to America as it can, as fast as it can.

Unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1).

This was where it all went wrong: pinning our hopes “on Trump alone” (and he was alone–very much so!) instead of in Christ alone. If you don’t take care of the people’s character, their culture will not stand. If you don’t take care of the culture, the politics will fail.

Well, we have to try again, don’t we–and this time in reliance on the Lord. We must follow a Prince who cannot be defeated by armies, by money, by lies and terrors, by delusions, or by anything else this fallen world has to throw at Him.

We have no king but Christ!

‘The Democracy Pledge’–Are These Commies Kidding?

Systematic Tyranny: How the Kim Dynasty Holds the North Korean People In  Bondage

“Democracy” at work!

[Thanks to Re-farmer for the nooze clip]

That last election stank to high heaven; but now Democrats want to force people to say it was fair and honest. Somehow it always comes down to coercion, with them.

So now they’ve got this former Justice (LOL) Dept. prosecutor saying, let us quote (https://mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/the-latest-tyranny/) :

“Every business in America must sign a pledge that the election of Joseph Biden was free and fair and produced accurate, reliable results…” They call it “The Democracy Pledge”–barf bag, please–and if you won’t sign it, watch out. They will bury you.

What in the world was this freak doing in the Justice Dept.? How did such a creature emerge from our schools (I’m afraid that one answers itself). I mean, wouldn’t he feel much more at home in North Korea?

Boy, oh, boy–when libs say “democracy,” watch out! Next thing you know, it’s barbed wire, gulags, and a lot of dead bodies.

What is someone like this doing in America?

But think about that. Right there in the bowels of the government–a government whose stated duty and function is to uphold the Constitution–lurked a character who wants to force people to say things they don’t believe, or else. Or else what? Well, the Cancel Culture at the very least: destroy you and your business. Or they could just stick to the old-fashioned way and kill you.

This was in our government. And he was not alone.

Our federal government needs a thorough cleansing; but who has hands clean enough to do it?

Election 2020: Challenges Continue

Reform' legislation opens door for election fraud | Senator Jim Oberweis |  Illinois State Senator

Just so you know, several states are continuing their legal challenges against the stinking mass of chicanery that was our last election. For details, read Mike Huckabee’s article in “The Stream” (https://stream.org/surprise-some-courts-are-looking-at-the-2020-election/).

The states most immediately involved are Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia (the shenanigans in Fulton County are the main issue there), and Arizona.

No one has told us what will happen if those challenges stand up in court. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are trying to legalize all the skullduggery that went on last November. I wonder if we still have a functioning Republican Party. Someone needs to put a stop to this, or our elections will never be worth anybody’s trust again.

Yes, we can lose our constitutional republic. You might even say we are losing it.

There’s Something Wrong with Our Politics

Broken dome of an ancient square monument in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh Stock  Photo - Alamy

There’s a lot I don’t understand about our current politics.

How does 1) a paper-thin majority in the House of Representatives, 2) a tie vote in the Senate, and 3) a president whose election was, to put it as charitably as possible, of doubtful legitimacy add up to a partisan government that does everything it damned well pleases without encountering any meaningful opposition?

Once upon a time, even if you were the majority party, you still had to dicker, compromise, give the opposition some of the things they wanted, You couldn’t just ignore them–as is being done now.

Another thing: the president is the chief executive. Among other things, his duty, as laid out in the Constitution, is to see that our country’s laws are enforced. Our immigration laws are statutes enacted by Congress and signed into law by various presidents. So how come China Joe gets to not only ignore those laws, but refuse to enforce them and encourage people to break them?

Is our system broken? Is that how we’ve wound up with these very strange politics? Did they repeal the Constitution when we weren’t looking?

Stolen elections have consequences, don’t they?

One of those consequences is that we completely lose control of our government.

Dare We Hope?

The scandal in North Carolina proves voter fraud is real

No matter how hard our Free & Independent 100% Democrat Nooze Media push the whopper that the 2020 election was as pure as the driven snow, no fraud here, the story will not go away. There is still a cloud over that election. And there always will be.

I don’t like to grasp at straws; but nevertheless, the straws are there.

A Georgia judge has ordered an “inspection” of the ballots cast in Fulton County. A Michigan judge has ruled that the secretary of state, a Democrat, broke the state’s election laws. And there are rumblings of investigations to come in other states.

What we are not hearing is any discussion of what to do about it. What if it turns out that the elections in several key states really were fraudulent? Then what? Do we do those elections over? Or do we just say, “Oh, well, the election laws were broken, but so what? It’d be too much trouble to do anything about it!”

Is it possible, just possible, that after a 60-day test drive of a Biden presidency, 60 days of watching Democrats go too far, too fast, and after all these stories confirming that the election is tainted, after all–is it possible that, after all this, Americans will demand that something be done about it?

Or will we just keep letting it all be shoved down our throats? I mean, really–how many illegals have to overflow our nation’s borders before we realize that we can’t allow this? And when do we stop letting Doc Fauci keep our lives on hold? How many times does he get to move the goal posts before we decide “Enough! Enough”?

The 2020 presidential election stinks to high heaven. I will never, never, never believe that some 80 million Americans voted for this festival of folly–and have since then mostly disappeared. Where are the Biden rallies? Where’s the public support for all of this stuff? Please don’t even try to tell me that 80 million of us want their taxes raised.

I don’t think we can wait for the 2022 elections to right these wrongs. How would we know that that election would be any less dishonest than the last one? Are we that trusting?

I hope not.

Michigan Judge: Secretary of State Broke Election Laws

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson thumbnail

It’s official–she cheated!

Well, now, how about that? A Michigan judge has ruled that the state’s Democrat secretary of state broke the state’s election laws (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3942916/posts).

What did she do? Oh, not much! Just sent out absentee ballots to all registered voters in the state, all on her own not-lawful authority. And vitiated the standards for verifying voter signatures.

Guilty, guilty, guilty, says the judge.

Uh-huh. And now what?

Well, probably nothing! The elites have the guy they wanted in the White House and refuse to acknowledge any fraud in the 2020 election. Their tame boot-licking nooze media carry this message to the masses.

We are told that some 80 million (!) of us voted for that doddering pitiful old grifter in the White House. Do you believe that? Where are the Biden rallies? Where are the crowds of his supporters?

How many of those Biden voters do not, in fact, exist?

So now we know the secretary of state of Michigan broke the state’s election laws; and her motive was to inflate the Biden vote and depress the Trump vote. In this she brilliantly succeeded.

The judge has found her guilty. So what’s the penalty? Not mentioned! What’s the remedy? Not mentioned!

O Lord our God, defend us. O Lord our God, avenge us.