The Year of the Coward

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There are self-anointed prophets all over the place, these days, and marching right alongside them, a legion of liars. The prophets tell us everything’s gonna turn out hunky-dory. The liars tell us half a million Americans have died of COVID. Some folks have the mental agility to believe both.

No one ever calls out the prophets, and you’ll grow hair on a stone before anybody in our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever calls out Fuzzy Fauci on his fuzzy figures.

We keep hearing, “On such and such a date, such and such a thing will happen, and the Supreme Court will act, and it’s gonna be so great–”

Yes, our election was stolen. Yes, our country has been stolen. But let’s get this through our heads: No one in power is going to do anything about it… because they’re afraid. How much clearer do the courts have to make their position? They will not examine the evidence! Do they have to walk around in sandwich boards proclaiming, “We’re Not Listening!”?

Our leaders are not going to get us out of this. They refuse to face up to the responsibility. If they make some kind of half-assed examination and conclude, “Nope, nothin’ wrong here,” who’s going to believe them? Or if they find the election was indeed stolen–well, we can’t have that! It’ll mean more riots! So whoever can stage the biggest riot gets to run the show.

Don’t wait for RINOs to rally to our defense–ain’t gonna happen, ever. Don’t wait for any of the, um, “prophecies” to come true. Don’t expect anyone in power to say anything about King COVID that just might be true.

There are 75 million of us left without a country, because our country has been stolen away from us and we don’t know how to get it back. There’s no cop that we can call.

We have to pray. It’s all we have left. Our God is righteous and just, and nothing is too hard for Him. Pray He will show us the way out of this, and give us the strength to take it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I Quadruple-Dog Dare You!

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What do you suppose would happen, if tomorrow–yes, tomorrow–they were to do over the 2020 presidential election? What if you could do it without massive voter fraud, crooked machines, etc.? All safeguards in place to guarantee a fair and square election. I realize that puts us in the realm of fantasy, but so be it.

But suppose we could do that? After we’ve had about a month of a corruptocrat monkey in the White House, what do you think would be the result of that electoral do-over?

Come on, Democrats! I dare you to hold the election again, this time without cheating. I quadruple-dog dare you!

Absolute certainty: it would be a total wipeout of the Democrats. Nothing left of them but a foul smell in the corners. Adios, sayonara, toodle-oo, hey-hey nah-nah kiss ’em goodbye.

If only! If only we could.

‘Jail for “Climate Change Deniers”–the Ball’s Already Rolling’ (2016)

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Back in 2016, seventeen state attorneys general, all Democrats, were campaigning to have it declared a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Climbit Change.

Jail for ‘Climate Change Deniers’–the Ball’s Already Rolling

Along came Donald Trump to poop their party; but now that the entire ruling class has finally taken him down, now that they’ve stolen our country out from under us–look for this movement to be started up again. They want to make it a crime to hold a particular opinion. If that doesn’t sexually excite liberals, nothing will.

Our leaders, our institutions, and our very laws have failed us. We have nothing left but our prayers, and no one left to defend us but our God.

Keep praying… and see what He does.

‘When an Accusation’s All It Takes’ (2017)

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This experience left me with an unshakeable distrust of “authority.”

When an Accusation’s All It Takes

Of course, this has been greatly refined at the highest echelons of public life. It’s so much simpler up there: leftists can do no wrong, and conservatives can do no right. Evidence? Don’t make me laugh! We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! So conservatives get railroaded, but when it comes to massive election fraud for the benefit of Democrats, the courts won’t even look at the evidence. Take it away, we don’t wanna see it!

Once you experience it for yourself, you don’t forget it.

Now They Brag About Their Crime

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My friend the homicide detective has always said a great number of serious crimes are solved not by detective work, but simply by the criminals’ inability to keep their mouths shut. “They can’t help it,” he says. “They’ve just got to tell somebody how smart they were. And then that somebody tells us.”

Time Magazine’s Feb. 15 cover story brags about how “a cabal” of rich and powerful people–in Big Business, Big Labor, Big Tech, the nooze media, and politics–“conspired” to rig the 2020 election and commit massive fraud ( The Federalist’s Joy Pullman has written an article analyzing this crime.

You want hubris? The Time article is entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” Saved it? Saved it? With a “shadow campaign”? How much more of that are we expected to tolerate?

And they did it, she says, “to save democracy.” As in “We had to destroy this village in order to save it.”

For the first time ever, some 160 million mail-in ballots were included in the election results, without any effort to ensure quality control. The plotters also made sure “to control the information”–in which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. were indispensable. “To control the information” means… to lie.

Heaping up the hubris, they now feel free to brag about their crime.

Someone must have convinced them that if your crime is big enough, our law enforcement institutions simply throw up their hands and let it slide.

No one has ever committed a bigger crime against America.

No one has been punished for it.

May righteous God avenge us.


The Purge Continues: Lou Dobbs Canceled

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Fox News, the alleged “conservative” nooze network, has canceled Lou Dobbs’ business talk show, despite high ratings and a decade on the air. Our Free & Independent Nooze Media rejoices: CBS nooze blaming Dobbs for “unfounded assertions of voter fraud” (

‘Cause you’re not allowed to say that!

The cowards at Fox said the cancellation was just part of “routine programming alternatives.” Honk if you believe that. And of course the threatened lawsuit by Smartmatic (“Voting Machines ‘R’ Us”) had nothing to do with it.

Sorry, only one opinion allowed–and it had better be a Far Left Crazy opinion, or you’re out of here.

Of course, our Free & Independent Court System Inc. has refused to look at any evidence of voter fraud–so how can we ever know the charges are “unfounded”? See no evil, hear no evil. But do all the evil that you please.

Our institutions and our leaders fail us, one by one and two by two, and we have nothing left but our prayers.


‘The Left’s America’ (2017)

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Does Communist China own the White House now, or have they only leased it?

Now that they’ve managed to take over practically everything, Far Left Crazy–aka the Democrat Party–has moved ahead to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist hell-hole.

The Left’s America

Some of you are bound to say, “Well, we elected ’em!” Actually, we didn’t. A powerful lot of cheating had to be done, to put them in the driver’s seat. You don’t think Americans are in favor of any of their policies, do you? If so, I’d love to hear which ones.

May the Lord God Almighty, the righteous judge, avenge us.

Now They Charge Him? Four Years Later?

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This voter fraud they’re all steamed up about.

Federal authorities have charged a Florida man with depriving others of their constitutional right to vote in the 2016 election… by duping them into thinking they could vote by text message, thereby moving them to cast invalid ballots (

Are they on the job or what? It only took four years to charge him!

All the dupees were supposed Hillary Clinton voters, some 4,900 of them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m suspicious of noozepaper articles that describe someone as “an alt-right troll,” as The Palm Beach Post has done. Have you ever seen or heard a noozie call a Far Left thug a Far Left thug? Not on this planet.

Coming off the most putrid and corrupt presidential election in our country’s history, this is the case they’re gonna prosecute? Some guy on Twitter? Really–how gullible did these 4,900 Rodham Rooters have to be, to fall for that? Sure, it’s wrong anyway: just because you’re a dumb bunny doesn’t mean you ought to be mistreated. But this is the FBI’s, the Justice Department’s, and the court system’s call to arms?

Something about it is giving off a nasty smell.

Darkness Descending

Fictional flags similar to the flag of the Union of Socialist Soviet  Republics

We see these things in history, we see them today in totalitarian countries like China, North Korea, Venezuela and the rest. But we never thought to see them here.

Out of a 2020 national election that stank to high heaven, we have lost all our checks and balances and are saddled with a tyrannical leftist regime that seems bent on pursuing insane policies that will damage America severely–policies that no one but the Far Left Crazy supports: higher taxes, tearing down our borders, promoting and expanding abortion, etc., etc.

The most shocking thing about it is that there appears to be a body of opinion that’s convinced that it would be kind of nice if our country were to be “transformed” into something more closely resembling Communist China and those other countries mentioned above. At least they’ve said so. Crushing people for having the “wrong” political opinion, silencing dissent–and forbidding even mere questions–and spying on each other, surrendering the streets of our cities to thugs from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, aborting more babies, pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it: all of these have been openly, vigorously, advocated by Democrats. They’ve thrown off all pretense of loving our country. They hate it, they despise it, and they want to turn it into a neo-Soviet Union.

How did we wind up with these?

We don’t know what to do about it. We are some 75 million strong, but maybe that should read “75 million weak.” Whatever strength we have, we’re at a loss for how to use it.

We have nothing left but our prayers, and our trust in the power, justice, and righteousness of Almighty God.

Pray hard.

Pray often.