Don’t Forget the Archives

Lizard And His Surprised Reflection At The Mirror Looking At.. Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 76232238.

I have to take Robbie to the vet tomorrow, so I might not be posting in the morning. I’m stockpiling topics for the afternoon. I’ll have a Newswithviews column for you, though.

New readers, please feel free to browse among the blog’s archives–thousands of posts there, all kinds of interesting stuff. You could spend a month just looking at the cat videos.

Too bad I don’t have one of those thingys that lets you schedule a post for publication any time you want.

6 comments on “Don’t Forget the Archives

  1. You can’t schedule posts??

    I just scheduled a month’s worth of “critter of the day” posts. You should be able to just change the date in the side bar of your WordPress editor.

    1. I can just barely manage the little bit of editing I can do now. I wouldn’t know where to begin. Me and technology, bad mix.

  2. Cute lizard picture. Every time I see a picture of a lizard here, I think about Lydia and how she would be saying “Ick, ewwww,” or something of that kind. I hope she’s doing well.

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